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Full Version: I bought this glove a thousand years ago
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Since Wyatt's story about the eight legs and their acrid flavour, Lucas had done everything in his power to find one. They were elusive, leaving traces of their existence, a web here and there, sometimes spotted between twigs and other times drifting into his face on an errant breeze, but he never found one. Instead, the boy found a new source of amusement and delight in a creature much more wriggly than a spider.

It was moist on his tongue as he gulped it down, tasting of earth and water alike. It wriggled once on the way down and then it was gone. He smacked his lips and dropped his nose to the ground, waddling on fat legs around the dirt patch beneath a setting sun until he found another one: a small pinkish tail poking out of the ground. With infinite care, Lucas reached forward, clipped it between his teeth, and pulled a long worm up out of its burrow.

Two seconds later and it had also disappeared down his gullet, followed by a satisfied burp.

It had been a warm day. Tadec had sought to hunt for the young Redleaf children who had grown considerably in the last two months. His prize for them had been a large hare that could easily be shared between the three of them. It would not have been long and he would have been hunting for his own children’s food. The thought was a frightening one. Tadec could only hope that they would be as strong as Laurel’s pups had been. 

As the coywolf neared the den with the rabbit clasped in his narrow muzzle, the dark crow caught sight of the plump form of Lucas. Tadec smiled softly at the boy and approached with a low head and a twitching tail at his rear. Dropping the rabbit nearby, the dark thief lowered his torso some so that he might be on the same level as the child. “Hungry, Lucas?”

Gulp! went his throat as he tossed back a third worm, and then his ears perked of their own accord and he let his eyes follow them up to the dark-haired figure fast approaching. At first Lucas mistook the narrow male for Issun or another giant version of Wyatt, but by now he was better able to discern small differences—no important details, mind you, but little things—and this guy was a bit too small to be the same wolf he'd met while walking with Laurel. This one was unfamiliar. His eyes hungrily followed the rabbit as it thumped to the ground, but he refrained from running for it just yet.

He might be fat, and that might have something to do with his love of food, but he wasn't rude. "Who you?" he piped up, fixing the stranger with his usual bright smile. "I's Lucas!" As previously established.