Easthollow Pack Summary
Welcome to the territory of the Easthollow!

— If you are making an IC joining thread, please use the Joining post icon to indicate this to the pack members! Don't forget to howl at the leadership as well!

— No thread may be marked private by non-packmembers unless it involves an EH member. Intruders will be treated as enemies and attacked accordingly.

— Current Alliances: Morningside Pack & Bearclaw Valley Pack. Members of these packs will be greeted in a friendlier disposition.

10/01 - Welcome, Kiran!
09/01 - Ezekiel has not been seen for awhile! Valette assumes he left and told the others to keep an eye out for him.
08/01 - Welcome, Birk!
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Founded on February 06, 2015
Managed by Valette
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