Drageda Pack Summary
News & Updates:
09/17 | Everyone welcome the children into the adult ranks!
09/24 | Welcome to Furi!
09/25 | There is a mandatory pack meeting. Please reply by 10/2.
10/14 | Heda and the others have finally returned. Also, welcome Artaax (late) and Blixen into the adult ranks!
10/17 | Are you feeling... itchy?
11/09 | Thuringwethil and Étoille have departed Drageda for Redhawk Caldera and will be back soon. In the meantime, Dio and Eske are in charge.

For an expanded territory description and map, please click here!

Threads in this forum may be marked private if they contain only Drageda members. Non-members may only participate in all welcome threads.

Trespassers and loiterers (without calling for an audience) will be met with aggression and must sustain a serious injury. Tread carefully.
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Founded on January 22, 2016
Managed by Dio, Thuringwethil
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