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July 6th — Though she was only with us for a short while Ran as passed away. Rest in peace little one! — torvi
July 2nd — There is a packtivity thread to view the meteor shower here! — torvi
July 1st — Welcome Tapat (and by proxy, Astik) to the adult ranks~! — torvi
Threads in this forum may not be marked private or read-only unless they involve a member of Teaghlaigh.

Teaghlaigh's wolves only have two rules they are expected to abide by and enforce: The Ceannasach's word is law and The Family before everything else. For more detailed information about Teaghlaigh please see the pack page linked below.

If you are making an IC joining thread, please use the Joining post icon to indicate this to the pack members!

All trespassers will be met with aggression as Teaghlaigh is extremely territorial and must sustain at least one serious injury.
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Founded on October 26, 2016
Managed by Arturo, Hemlock
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