Grimnismal Pack Summary
Welcome to Grimnismal. Please note Grimnismal strictly enforces the ICA=ICC Protocol — that is "In Character Actions = In Character Consequences"; meaning that if a character puts themselves in a dangerous situation, they must embrace the realistic consequences. Grimnismal claims the shore, the cliffs surrounding it and the forest at the top of the cliffs; if your character is in the trees or can see the beach at all, they are trespassing! All trespassers are kill-on-sight and trespassing scenarios are non-consent, meaning trespassers will always be attacked and damage short of death will be done without your permission. We strongly encourage hardcore mode dice rolls in these situations (roll 1d15, 15 being death). Trespassers are not immune to death if they put themselves in a situation where that is the only realistic outcome and refuse to leave it, as per ICA=ICC. No one is forcing you to trespass, so please keep these policies in mind.

Dark-boughed and shivering sequoias give way to a cheerless and storm-battered coast known as home to Grimnismal wolves. Their keep is remote and well guarded; the strand is flanked by serrated cliffs and is impassable save through winding footpaths among the ancient sequoia bosk. To access the beach one must tread through the heart of the territory. The shore is home to a feral and semi-familial pack that places value on leadership, loyalty and protection of the realm — a pack played as realistically as possible. Grimnismal operates almost strictly on organic IC developments, so OOC plotting is discouraged. This pack is structured around pack-specific quests, where members control their own rank ascension through completion of said endeavors.

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Founded on January 16, 2018
Managed by Lycaon, Wylla
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