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        Undersea is a necessarily small, tightly-knit pack. Every inch of the island bears evidence of its claim and visitors are encouraged to reference prints in the sand, wolfscent, nebulous silhouettes, et cetera.
        The Strand, a colloquial name for the buttersoft beaches that border the island, is neutral territory, governed only by the wind and the sea. The only exceptions are Wavewrack Lagoon and Morningside Moor.
        The northern sea caves are visible but inaccessible from the water, and all of Rainsong Labyrinth’s secret entrances are further inland.

        We are allied with: MORNINGSIDE.
        The landbridge is currently: VISIBLE.
        Hostile trespassers must sustain at least one serious injury. Repeat offenders and trespassers who refuse to leave must sustain at least three.
16 Members
Founded on March 24, 2018
Managed by Coelacanth, Stockholm
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