Blackfeather Woods Pack Summary

For quick OOC updates/info, look here. For other, formal IC & OOC updates, please re-direct to the Howls & Updates thread in the BFW Hideout.

— welcome, Moonshadow & Nightstar!
— welcome, Etoille!
— welcome, Rouge!
— there have been some rank shuffles! info on the ranks can be found here.
— belated welcome to Iliksis & Maevra!


Threads in this forum may not be marked private or read-only unless they involve a member of Blackfeather Woods. Threads are only to be posted in this forum if they take place within the territory or near the border for joining purposes. Threads in this forum that DO NOT contain a member of Blackfeather Woods, are considered trespassing and will be dealt with accordingly.

If joining IC, please use the Joining post icon and consider tagging the pack leaders to make sure you get the proper attention!

Please make note that no outsider (unless specified otherwise) should have prior knowledge of the Dark Brotherhood, it's location or it's members!

IMPORTANT: The borders of Blackfeather Woods are marked with blood as well as body parts such as heads. Thus the scent would be easily recognizable. All trespassers can be subject to imprisonment.
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