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Ravensblood Forest

Basic Info
Full Name: Durnehviir Saarthal Frostfur
Subspecies: Arabic, Arctic, Alexander Archipelago, Great Plains, Rocky Mountain mix
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (December 16th, 2014)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Durnehviir: Details
Durnehviir is a lean, beautiful wolfess with silken agouti-patterned fur of various brown shades atop undersides of soft ivory. Crimson swathes her nape, shoulders and dorsal, fading into her flanks and hindquarters, a colour which has deepened with age. A warmer cinnamon hue tops her snout and the backs of each larger-than-average ear, and her paws are all pristine snow white. As lovely as her mother before her, Durnehviir is entirely feminine with fine features and longer-than-normal lashes (inherited from her Arabic bloodline) that shield her opalescent champagne eyes.
Pack History
Durnehviir is the third-born child and only daughter to Hadrian "Shadow" Angelus Mortis and Paarthurnax Frostfur, who separated before her birth. She was born alongside three brothers: Traianus, Julius and Relonikiv. Her uncle and primary care-taker while growing up was Viinturuth Frostfur.
Durnehviir was born to the Swiftcurrent Creek pack. At a tender age she was stolen from her mother's den by a stray domestic dog who'd lost her own pups to the harsh Winter, but her dam pursued her and returned her to their home weeks later only to discover that the pack was relocating to Nova Peak. Paar and Durnehviir re-joined their family, however the absence of her brother Traianus (who opted to live with their father in Noctisardor Bypass while they were gone) deeply troubled her mother who one day gathered her remaining pups and made for the Bypass worth the intent of retrieving her firstborn. They never completed the trip and although she cannot remember how the family ended up separated, Durnehviir vividly recalls being entirely alone for days. Luckily, she was found by her uncle and travelled with him for two years before parting ways with the decision to return to her birthplace in search of her lost family.
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