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Full Name: Nemesis Blackfeather [click]
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (8/1/14)
Birthplace: North
At A Glance
Nemesis is inspired by Artemisia from the 300: Rise of an Empire & Hela from Thor: Ragnarok.
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Nemesis has a strong but lean build, a fast runner but a better killer. In the right lighting, one may see a faint tinge of red that hints her pelt. Her eyes have a cold glass to them, unapproachable and stoic. Any onlooker would find her to have a nature of regal and cruel, elegant but maleficent. No outright attention capturing scars mark her body, but the red paw print on her shoulder; the mark of the Dark Brotherhood.

Recently, however, resulting in a fight instigated by the unlawful return of a former Blackfeather member and branded traitor, Nemesis bears the battle scars throughout her body; scratches and still open scars visible to the naked eye.
the only way to keep your people loyal is to make sure they fear you more than they do the enemy,
cersei lannister, game of thrones.

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personality is linked to Cersei Lannister


She is a warrior through and through, a commander born to lead. Since assuming the role of residential overlord, also bearing children of her own, Nemesis' overall personality has taken a maternal shift. Every decision she makes is purely based on how it will benefit her pack, her family, her children, and her ideals. While this may seem docile compared to her bloodlust and revenge drove actions in youth, it is the fiercely protective and incredibly ruthless drive that makes her change in character more deadly than the last. [see: Mama Bear]

Distant to the brink of heartless against outsiders, she will attack mercilessly upon provoked with little restraint to her fury. Her bark is her bite, furiously protective and commonly overbearing to those who cannot handle her bold yet malevolent personality. All beneath her, she deems expendable & disposable; at her mercy no matter what advantages they might hold against her. With holding a high opinion of herself, she will go to great lengths to protect her image and her reputation, no matter the cost or effort. Utterly detached and void of regret, her sharp tongue is reserved for none but inflicted on all, even those she would call her kin.

Nemesis trusts none and prefers that others fear her.

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Pack History
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SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Bane Blackfeather
[formerly: Kove Apaata ♂]
SIBLINGS: Ares ♂ , Rypere ♂, Saoirse
OFFSPRING: Keelut ♂, AbraxasAtshen
(eventually via Bane Borealem) Petra ♀, Ursa ♀ & CobraRonan
DISOWNED/PAST: Astrid Nyx ♀, Qilaq Cairn ♀,


BLACKWATER RIDGE [birth - 2015]

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DISCLAIMER: Nemesis is an R rated character. Expect a rating of 333 when threading. Nemesis' actions, words or thoughts do not reflect my OOC opinion.
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