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Basic Info
Full Name: Morrighan
Previously: Emaleth Claudette Mayfair
Subspecies: Mackenzie River Wolf x Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (December 25, 2015)
Birthplace: Donnelaith, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Emaleth: Details
She is lithe, toned, and moves with the grace of a dancer. Her fur is a blue-tinted ebony, shining indigo in the brightest sunlight, and silvery beneath the moon. Born with a genetic anomaly, her left eye is an emerald green and her right is a deep ocean blue. Her movements are reserved, but fluid, and she rarely draws near other wolves-- when she does, it is to assert or submit herself as instinctual tradition requires. Her greatest physical assets lay in speed and stamina rather than brute strength. She is familiar with coastal terrain, cliffsides, and forests but grows uncomfortable and considerably less coordinated further inland.
Aloof, distant, cold. Suspicious of others. Believes her words and rituals compel aspects of the world, though she does not believe she can exert full control over nature or bend it to her will. Often dreams of a white she-wolf with flowers woven in her fur, and a dark but warm and welcoming shadow. Has an affinity to crows, though she is unable to understand or communicate with them. Perceptive and can usually read others accurately, though it is non-specific and more "feeling" than certainty. She is occasionally wrong, though it does not prevent her from making decisions and reacting based on her internal assessment.

Previously, for reference...
Emaleth is well-spoken with a deep, abiding love for her blood relatives and the natural world around her. A true empath, she puts the needs of others before her own. She is slow to anger, but when the spark ignites it becomes a dark storm. Emaleth is a social introvert; she enjoys and even needs the company of others, but will often need to retreat for days at a time to recharge. When her social/emotional energy is spent, she can be difficult to be around.
On a foggy, auspicious day near the midwinter solstice, Emaleth was born alongside her sister, Deirdre.

Although initially born to a close-knit and happy family, Emaleth and Deirdre's lives were soon beset by tragedy. Though her sister remained loyal to the forest in which they were born, Emaleth was overcome with doubt and grew ever more distant and reserved until finally breaking ties with the wood upon her father's death. Seeking brief refuge amongst the warriors of Drageda, the dark witch-wolf soon disappeared from their ranks as well.

After washing ashore in the Wilds, remembering nothing of who she was before, the Mayfair once more left the area due to its unfamiliarity-- searching for something that might spark her memory. Having forgotten her birth name, she calls herself Morrighan after stories of the goddess (though she does not remember where she heard them). She returns to the Wilds now, created anew, to either discover who she once was or to forge a new name for herself.
Pack History
PARENTS: Lasher ♂ & Blue Willow
OLDER SIBLINGS: Eilidh ♀, Constantine ♂, Casmir
December 2015 - July 2017
Donnelaith, Lone Wolf, Drageda, Lone Wolf
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