Profile of Nathaniel: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Nathaniel Ronan Rochester
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years (19 March 2013)
Birthplace: Canada: Thorn Ledge
At A Glance

— Piercing blue eyes; exact color varies by light
— Rochester eyebrow dots
— Massive, muscular figure
— Typically appears either indifferent or agitated

Health — 100%
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Profile of Nathaniel: Details

The former soldier seems built to be a guardian, composed of towering height wrapped in solid muscle and a thick, coarse coat. His most immediately striking feature is his eyes; vibrant, ever-changing shades of blue. The pattern of his coat mimics that of his father's, but Nathaniel is painted in the colors of soot and buttermilk, accented with browns varying between chocolate and chestnut.

While his face is unmarked, he bears several scars on his body. On his left back leg, the ghost of a nasty bite wound lingers, mangled but healed pink flesh wrapped around the thin part of his leg just above his foot. His underside is marked by four jagged, long-healed vertical claw-marks, while another old bite wound decorates his right thigh.

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Nathaniel began life as a petulant and melodramatic boy, prone to fits of both intense passion and anger; in many ways, this boy never fully disappeared. A turbulent home life fueled the erratic flame of his emotions, but time and harsh training have taught him to conceal this well.
The teachings of his second pack have stuck with him, particularly the discipline and rejection of emotion-- this conflict with his very nature is apparent in his demeanor. Often he allows the more negative emotions to slip through while dismissing positive ones.
Through every event of his life, Nat has retained his own basic moral code; he rejects the laws of others more often than not, but fiercely believes in goodness to others. That is not to say he thinks all are inherently capable-- rather, he views much of his own kind with disdain, finding they do not live up to his own moral standards. In light of this, he takes it upon himself to compensate for the perceived transgressions of his kin, offering an abrasive exterior with the best of intentions beneath.
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Parents: Burke Rochester and Dalia Strongheart
Siblings: Sebastian, Aviana
Mate: Eirene
with Eirene — date here
Tessa, Viviaine, Gareth

*only known/considered relatives are listed
Profile of Nathaniel: Additional Information
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