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Basic Info
Full Name: Horosk Irya
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years (01/02/2013)
Birthplace: Canada
At A Glance
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Profile of Horosk: Details
Horosk has a strong build and is fairly muscular. His pelt is a mixture of chestnut browns and black hairs. His eyes match his half sister's, though they are slightly lighter and more violet. The man may at first glance look intimidating, though he is really not.
Horosk is patient and understanding. He is not very trustworthy of strangers and may come across as hostile when you meet him, but he means well. Once you get to know him he is a very open and friendly guy. Despite this, he does love a good story. He has a passion for storytelling - he likes being able to use his imagination to invent his own worlds. Overall, a somewhat decent man.
Pack History
Mother - Unknown
Father - Unknown
Half Sister - Kelina
Romantic Interest? - Semira
Lone Wolf
Broken Antler Fen - Kappa, Iota, Eta
Lone Wolf
Ganador Bypass - Inferior, Medio (Up)
Lone Wolf
Profile of Horosk: Additional Information
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