Profile of Liri: Quick Facts
Bracken Sanctuary

Basic Info
Full Name: Liri Blackfoot
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (October 21, 2014)
Birthplace: Northern Canada
At A Glance
Face Claim:
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A northern woman. Ivory, porcelain, steel.
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Profile of Liri: Details
Tiny, no bigger than most adolescents, she isn't formidable. She has an appropriate amount of musculature but is no Goliath. Small, stocky, and strong; she's a hunter who has survived the wilderness by sheer will. Her frame is wreathed in ivory, the only marking being a peppered feral stripe that starts as freckles between her chocolate eyes. Her form is a patchwork of scars, faded but easily her most noticeable feature. If you can look beyond her scars and the deformed leg she wears as a badge of honor, you can see that she was once beautiful.

- Several bite marks, healed scratches, and a gash spanning diagonally across her stomach to her spine from her ex-husband, Remo.

- Bites and scratches, as well as a notch in her left left ear from the wolves of Blackfeather Woods.

- Bites from several fights.

- Scars across her stomach and torso and a torn-up, destroyed hind leg from Kelina.

Woodsy, pine and wild flowers. At times she smells of the herbs and plants she uses as a healer.

Height: 1.8 feet tall at the shoulder
Length: 2.4 feet long(including her tail)
Weight: 80 pounds

Current Condition:
Healthy, well-groomed, and clean though her scars are still very visible. Her remaining legs are slowly growing more muscular. As if their strength leeches off her deformed leg, it grows more atrophied with each passing day. In time she will walk, run, and hunt on three legs - with some limitations - and her ruined leg will be little more than a shriveled thing dangling from her flank.
Personality: ISFP "The Adventurer"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

An artist in the truest sense of the word. She finds beauty in the world around her and within herself. There is a dancer-like grace to her every movement, as if she picks each action with care. Organized and tediously clean.

Introverted, she thinks little of your opinion unless she cares deeply for you; only then does criticism sting. When provoked, she has a nasty temper and can be vicious.

Passionate about her passion, healing. She empathizes with the wronged and betrayed, the young and frail, the forgotten and abused. She finds meaning in the connections she forms with those around her. She loves deeply and trusts too much.

She lives her life in spite, she lives just to prove that she can. Insane(in an endearing and harmless sort of way.) A quiet and calm woman, she speaks little but when she does it would be best to listen.

To outsiders, she appears strange, sweet, and sad.

There is potential to be something great.
Early Life:

- Born outside a tiny nomadic tribe in Northern Canada. Her mother, Ectsi, dies in childbirth leaving Ectsi's litter to be saved by a nursing mother who lost her pups.

- Liri and her relatives integrate into the tribe, residing there until a sickness(likely rabies)kills many of the members. Amongst the dying is Jono, Liri's father.

- Leto, Liri's brother, leaves his younger sisters to fend on their own.

- Ameta, Liri's sister, dies from a bear attack.

- Liri is found and convinced by a much older male, Remo, to return to his pack. Upon arrival, the young girl finds herself forced to be Remo's child bride. She finds no solace from her sister wife, only abuse at the hands of the whole family until she escapes.

Teekon Wilds:

- Liri arrives at Rosings's threshold and is accepted as a member by Aaron. A month later per pack customs, she is married to a kind male named Samuel.

- Liri flourishes at Rosings. She finds friends, family, and love. She survives a locust swarm, earns a trade, and even reunites with Leto.

- The blissful era of peace in Rosings comes to an end when a rival male challenges Aaron and takes over as Alpha. Secrets and mutiny lead to a final gathering where the usurper is finally forced to surrender. Shortly after, Liri is promoted to Beta for her loyalty but would soon find that Kierkegaard's reign of dissent had not ended.

- Not long after her promotion Liri becomes Alpha. Amongst much speculation and suspicion, Aaron steps down and Amara, pregnant at the time, disappears. Amidst all of this, Samuel leaves and is never to be seen again.

- With so few members, the pack disbands. Liri travels with Leto and Minna to form Hideaway Strath, which does not come to fruition. Liri leaves after both Minna and Leto too disappear with nary a trace.

- Liri travels alone in search of her brother and before long she runs into trouble. She goes through many horrors in this dark time: several fights, being raped, and being held captive and tortured by the wolves of Blackfeather Woods. She escapes later by sheer luck and stumbles upon Arthendal.

- Liri joins Burke and his followers to merge with Broken Antler Fen; there she begins to heal from the betrayal and nightmares she went through.

- While in the Kintla Flatlands, Liri comes into heat and runs into Horosk who she couples with. Fearing banishment if she falls pregnant, or even the death of her pups, Liri leaves Broken Antler Fen.

- After abdicating, she finds herself attacked by several strangers. The most memorable being Kelina, a malevolent woman who tortures her and causes Liri to miscarry one of her pups.

- Liri approaches Morningside where she is found near death by Sunspot, the woman who would later vouch and care for her.

- A week or so after Liri joins, she gives birth to her son, Pip. He dies shortly after birth. Following this, Liri leaves the Teekon Wilds.

- Liri returns to Teekon after a year spent in the wilderness in isolation. Upon returning, she stops at Blackfoot Forest, Rosings's previous territory. She visits it and in doing so, gets the closure she needs. She takes on the surname 'Blackfoot' to remind her of what she's overcome.

- Liri vacates to the very reaches of the Teekon Wilds and to her surprise, finds a small sanctuary at the corner of the world. Seeing this as fate, Liri decides to start over here once again. She is met by Lily, who welcomes her into Bracken Sanctuary. She becomes a Cipher.

- While in Bracken Sanctuary, Liri is surprised to reunite with Horosk, the father of her children. Even more surprising, she realizes she's still in love with him.

- Shortly after, she's promoted to Caretaker and meets Kavik. She feels strongly for him and is currently confused about her emotions for both Horosk and Kavik.
Pack History
Mother: Ectsi
Father: Jono
Siblings: Ameta Leto
Children: unnamed , Pip
Ex-sister-in-law: Minna
Ex-mates: Remo , Samuel
Ex-sister-wife: Hagga
Other: Kavik Tonrar

*Alive Deceased Unknown
*In game packs listed only

ROSINGS: Zeta, Epsilon, Delta,Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Delta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha


BROKEN ANTLER FEN: Eta, Zeta, Epsilon, Delta, Gamma


BRACKEN SANCTUARY: Cipher, Caretaker

Profile of Liri: Additional Information
Liri is fluent in Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit. This is her native tongue as she was raised in a tribe in Northern Canada. However, as she has never met anyone IC who speaks it, she rarely uses it. Her English is clear, with only a mild accent.

NOTE: Liri is meant to portrayed as a mentally ill character. She is written to actively experience intense mood swings, paranoia, obtrusive thoughts, and symptoms of PTSD. Please keep in mind that any of Liri's thoughts/actions/opinions in no way reflect my own.
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