Profile of Chusi: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Chusi Fearghal (Formerly, Gorgon)
Subspecies: British Columbia wolf x Yukon wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (May 18, 2016)
Birthplace: Seadog Sanctuary, Teekon Wilds, Montana
At A Glance
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Health 90%
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Profile of Chusi: Details

Chusi is an amazing appearance of young innocence and beauty with an air about her not many can explain. Her coat is a deep charcoal hue that only gets a warm glow in the morning and evening sun. From betwixt her shoulder blades to the base of her tail, an ashy line has settled to paint her hackles. On her throat she carries a creamy white patch of fur and that, perhaps, is her only trademark when it comes to the markings on her fur. Her neck fluff is poofy while the rest of her coat is rather droopy and long. Her eyes are a lively ocher, sparkling brightly with either happiness or curiosity.

Her frame displays her youth yet also her feminity, for it is narrow, sleek and seemingly crafted with utmost care. Long, strong legs carry her about with paws not small yet not big for her. Her chest is her powerhouse, for it is much more muscled than the rest of her. Her tail is long and just as floofy as her neck, usually swaying gently from side to side. Her face is long and pointed, but still wolf-like, and as pretty as a butterfly.

Aura: A pale yellow that can display both her happiness or her hardships in life. A tiny ray of fading sunlight.

Scent: Forest bedding and summer air, even after the summer has passed.

Human Appearance: Eru Chitanda
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Energetic · Solo-player · Friendly · Warrior-mindset · Flirtatious · Chatty · Judgmental · Noble · Suspicious

· TRUE NEUTRAL · ISFP · Gryffindor · Sanguine ·

Sexuality: Questioning.

An energetic spirit of child-like wonder, though with the bravery of a true hero. A flirt, for certain, but one who'll melt your heart. She has a heart of gold, which is quite the problem for the one who wants to be a warrior. Easily suspicious and not very obedient, Chusi is becoming the big sister her adopted siblings can look up to.
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Pack History
Family Tree

Biological Parents:
Sen Gorgon & Depp Sparrow

Biological Littermates:
Sao Gorgon ♀ , Unnamed ♀
(She does not remember her sister)

Adoptive parents:
Arturo Fearghal ♂ & Lotte Ansbjørn Fearghal

Adoptive Siblings
(7th of April 2017)

Mallaidh ♀ , Roarke ♂ , Eirlys ♀ , Ceallach

Seadog Sanctuary

· (18-5-2016/22-7-2016)


· (24-7-2016/2-8-2016)

Blackrock Depths

· (?-8*9-2016/?-8*9-2016)


· (?-8*9-2016/26?-9-2016)


· (26-10-2016/6-9-2017)

Northstar Vale

· (6-9-2017/11-11-2017)


· (16-01-2018/Present)
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