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Blackfeather Woods

Basic Info
Full Name: Astrid Nyx Apaata
Subspecies: 25% Arctic wolf x 25% Eastern Timber wolf x 50% Mackenzie Valley wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0.10 (10-8-2016)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
[Image: 13-black-evan-rachel-wood-girl-mirror-Fa...293458.gif]
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Profile of Astrid: Details
I am the Child of an Ugly Star

Midnight black with white freckles. Left eye blue, right eye green. White "eyeliner". Built rather slim and feminine with a powerful chest.

This big lady carries a feminine and slim physique - good for running, but fairly muscled too. She has a pretty little face and her coat is as dark as night - were it not for the white ticking/freckles that covers her body. Starting around her face, the freckles trail over her back all the way to her tail. Even her chest is decorated with the tiny stars. Every leg from the bottom up is also speckled, but her belly keeps its dark hue. She's like the sky on a clear night - kissed by the stars and blessed with two different coloured eyes. From another's perspective, her right one is spring green while the other has kept its blue colour from puppyhood - this is due to her Complete Heterochromia. Her eyes are surrounded by two white patches, one above and under each eye. Scars are littered over her chest from her brother, Atshen.
A crescent moon

Human Appearance: Evan Rachel Wood (Mainly; Thirteen) Voice: Reference
INTP - The Thinker

Calm · Demanding · Dominant · Reserved · Cynical · Sadistic · Emotionless-like · Intelligent · Persuasive · Logical · Masochistic

With a tough road behind her, the future seems to finally be looking up for the young Nyx. She now carries her form with pride again and has grasped on tightly to Damien's stability and knowledge. She flutters around him like a rabbit in heat and is not afraid to maim, dismember, deform or even kill any woman whom is brave enough to step near Damien but the Blackfeather bitches themselves. She's mean, truly, and does not give two single shits about others' feelings and desires.
Pack History
Family Tree: Paternal

Biological Parents:
Kove Apaata ♂ x Nemesis Eris-Convel

Older Siblings:
Alexander Apaata ♂, Sesi Apaata ♀, Nanook Apaata ♀, Desna Apaata
Atshen Zymel Apaata ♂, Keelut Vaekar Apaata ♂, Abraxas Apaata

"Neo" ♂ & "Kahlil"

Blackfeather Woods

· Apprentice (10-8-2016/11-5-2017)
· Tyro (11-5-2017/28-5-2017)
· Prowler (28-5-2017/12-6-2017)
· Speaker (12-6-2017/Present)
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