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Basic Info
Full Name: Thyri
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (June 24, 2016)
Birthplace: Sleeping Dragon, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Thyri: Details
i hunt the wilderness in myself
i am she
who betrays blood for a little bit of kingdom

— vanessa angelica villareal

Thyri is a small, lithe beauty with the strong musculature of an amazon beneath pelage of elegant champagne that gradually fades to cremé at her sides, legs and undercarriage. Thryi has light caramel eyes that resemble her father's.

HUMAN MODEL.sofia boutella · voice
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and she needs no prince or knight to save her, because her might is enough to tame dragonsnikita gill

Thyri may harbor the ferocity of her berserker ancestors but it is hidden by a veil of honed, acute patience; her temper is not so easily detected because of this. She is tenacious, self-assured and assertive. She does nothing she does not want to and is utterly unyielding when it comes to her control over her own life. She favors stealth in all things and knows the uncontested value of knowledge and it’s power. She is intimidating and charismatic even if these facts remain unknown to her currently. A developing thespian with a lingering desire to master artful deception with unlimited possibilities of who and what she can be. a lioness in the guise of a siren. a clever deception of temptation and dainty elegance drizzled with practiced coquetry.
Born to Gyda of Sleeping Dragon in her first litter along siblings Freyja, Hvitserk, and Eske in June of 2016. After the eruption of Sleeping Dragon she travels to Sangeda with her parents to reconcile but ultimately leaves to forge her own path.
Pack History
Parents: Gyda & Gavriel
Littermates: Freyja, Hvitserk, Eske.
Younger Siblings: Nyko, Runa.
Sleeping Dragon, Trigeda, Sangeda

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THYRI — thunder fighter
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