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Basic Info
Full Name: Aviana Dalia Rochester
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (19 March 2013)
Birthplace: Thorn Ledge Pack, Canada
At A Glance
Aviana is a caring, sweet wolf, respectful of others. Doesn't often put herself first.
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Profile of Aviana: Details
Aviana is an average-sized wolf, with a mixture of browns and tans all over, with black added into the mix going from her neck to her tail. She has striking light-blue eyes to offset the mask on her face.

[Image: rsz_aviana.jpg]
Aviana is soft spoken and shy at first. She's content being in the background instead of the center of attention. Once deathly afraid of males, she has faced her fears, and doesn't run from them any longer.
Aviana is the second-born of a little of four. However, there were many other litters born at the same time, and so the pups all grew up together. Aviana was very close to her mother, but seen and knew little of her father. Unlike her brother, Aviana is apathetic to Burke's absence. She had plenty of other pups and adults to look up to, and so didn't miss her father.

The day before she left, her Uncle came to her, forcing himself upon her. Aviana was easily overpowered by her much larger Uncle, and now bares emotional scars from the attack. She decided to leave, unable to stay in the same pack as he. It is currently unknown that the next day, her brother, Sebastian killed her Uncle for other reasons.

Aviana wandered the lands as a lone wolf for quite a long time. She ended up in the Teekon Wilds, not aware that this is where her brothers, Sebastian and Nathaniel, and her father, Burke, are.

Recently, she and Seb ran into each other and Aviana joined Broken Antler Fern- the pack led by her brother. Adjusting to pack life is not easy for her, and she generally only tries to socialize with one wolf at a time, and mostly females. Instead of making a den at the communal site with the others, she picked a dry spot near Sage Bush Fields.

In November of 2016, Aviana left the Teekon Wilds to go back to her home pack and face her fears. After almost a year, she has returned, a little more confident, and still as sweet as ever.

Current sleeping area
[Image: 0oVn8LW.jpg]
Pack History
Parents: Burke Sebastian Rochester, Dalia Strongheart
Littermates: Nathaniel Ronan Rochester, Sebastian Thomas Rochester, plus one unnamed
Father's brother: Darius Ronan Rochester
Broken Antler Fern
Lambda (06/17/2016-11/2016)

Lone Wolf
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