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Mate to Liffey
Basic Info
Full Name: Rannoch Tiberious Frostfur
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (June 27th, 2016)
Birthplace: Neverwinter Forest
At A Glance
Coat Colors:  #676560 and  #e5e1de
Eye Color:  #33CCCC
Voice: Jonathan Groff
Alignment: Lawful Good
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Profile of Rannoch: Details
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Burly and broad, Rannoch is a large wolf who stands remarkably taller than those of average height. Despite his intimidating size, he has a kind face, friendly turquoise eyes, and a perpetual smile upon his lips.

His coat, which is plush to the touch and contributes to his bulk, is a dark shade of gray that fades to cream along his underside. Additionally, he has a ragged scar across his throat that he received when Vaati attempted to kill him.
Pack History
Mate: Liffey (11/18/17)
Offspring: Remi, Deshyr, Wisteria, and Breccan (06/21/18)

Parents: Scimitar and Eshe
Littermates: ??? and Cypress
Half-Siblings: Whittier, Swift, Pasha, and Allure II
Deceased · Presumed Dead/Missing · Alive
NEVERWINTER FOREST 06/27/2016 — 10/04/16
BLACKROCK DEPTHS 10/04/16 — 11/29/16
NORTHSTAR VALE 05/21/17 — 09/05/17
MOONSPEAR 09/11/17 — 02/19/18
SUNSPIRE 03/03/18 — present
Profile of Rannoch: Additional Information
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that far away prize, a world of success 
its waiting for me if i heed the call 
i won't settle down, won't settle for less
as long as there's a chance that i can have it all
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