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Full Name: Abraxas Dagon Apaata
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (August 10th, 2016)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
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"silent, while the world burned around him"

Markedly average in build and height, Abraxas has a traveller's frame, lean and well-built with sinewy muscle. His short-haired coat is smooth to the touch, lengthening into longer, wispy tendrils at his nape. His fur is a light shade of pewter, save for a darker shade of slate that envelops his nape and the backs of his ears. Abraxas' eyes are a metallic shade of steel blue, but, despite their natural brilliance, his characteristic gaze contains no visible spark and hides his insurmountable intellect.

"it was a trait combined of Nemesis's fury but also Kove's serenity"

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Pack History
Parents: Kove and Nemesis
Half-siblings: Alexander, Sesi, Nanook, and Desna
Littermates: Atshen, Keelut, and Astrid.
BLACKFEATHER WOODS 08/10/16 — present
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