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Korei Julia

Basic Info
Full Name: Korei Julia Ostrega
Subspecies: Eastern Timber x Mackenzie Valley x Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female 9NVxqLUh
Age: 0.75 (August 18th, 2016)
Birthplace: Moonspear, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
A pale, bouncy puppy who has a set of lungs, but not as large as her sister's (Thankfully).
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Profile of Korei Julia: Details
Julia is white with cream-tipped toes and ears, golden eyes, and grey-and-pink speckled paw pads and nose. She is small in stature, smaller than her siblings, but she has a big heart in tow.
Korei Julia
Bold · Kind-hearted · Observant · Independant · Loud · Caring · Opinionative
Born August 18th, 2016.
—Eyes open, begins to babble
Pack History
MOTHER Amekaze Rikudou-Ostrega
FATHER Charon Ostrega
LITTERMATES Alya, Hydra and Lyra Ostrega
YOUNGER SIBLINGS Galaxy, Ran, Vela, Jarilo

HALF SIBLINGS (Unknown to Julia) Keoni and Nikai Convel-Quinzel
UNCLE Floki Ostrega

Born on 8.18.16
Xi · 8.18.16
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