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Mate to Arturo, Hemlock
Basic Info
Full Name: Lotte Ansbjørn Fearghal
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (April 4, 2015)
Birthplace: Enok Tundra
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Profile of Lotte: Details
Though she is the smallest of Aksel and Dorthe’s children, Lotte is by no means a small wolf. She is a tall, long-legged, athletic female with a mesomorphic build and plush, insulated fur that gives her a perpetually buxom appearance. Lotte’s bearing and mien are rollicking and hoydenish; she faces battle, travel, leisure, and business with the same unflappable enthusiasm and is just as likely to burst into combat as she is into song. Her fur is predominantly smoke in coloration, her pallid undercoat and black-tipped guard hairs lending her a blue-gray hue, with a mantle of pale ash circling her throat and dipping down into her voluminous décolletage reminiscent of a female rabbit’s dewlap. Calling to mind a black smoke or colorpoint cat, her legs, ears, tail, and face are pure black, the latter providing an arresting backdrop for her moonbright argent eyes. Lotte is characterized by small, rounded ears and broad, surefooted paws, as well as a matte quality to her pelage that seems to swallow light instead of reflecting it.
Lotte is an earthy, vivacious rapscallion with a boisterous love for life, a bold and occasionally errant tongue, and a temper as quick as her wit. Strong of conviction as well as constitution, she is capable of great empathy, confidence, and diplomacy; but at her worst, she can be impatient, domineering, and brash. She has an affinity for mothering that is manifest in her interactions with her siblings — particularly her twin, Dagfinn, of whom she is very fond. Lotte’s passion for singing and storytelling enhances her view of the world around her but does not obscure it; she is very present and not given to daydreaming. She finds great pleasure in physical endeavors such as wayfaring and exploring and can often be found pitting herself against the elements as she constantly sets her sights higher and further, challenging her own boundaries and limits with fervor.

Lotte’s penchant for playing various roles in the name of ferreting out information for her superiors has earned her the titles of Hämähäkki” and Muodonmuuttaja — however, these accolades conceal a very real danger for the soot-stockinged rogue. After playing a role for a prolonged period of time or immersing herself particularly deeply into a character’s psyche, she sometimes finds it difficult to remember how to truly be herself. During these lapses, she turns heavily to Dagfinn to center and ground her. Without his aid, she has a tendency to fall into a state of unpredictable moodiness and may be flippant, irritable, petulant, lackadaisical, or despondent by turns.

Lotte is particularly aggressive toward other females and will not hesitate to assert her dominance over them.
        lotte arrives in the teekon wilds and follows lærke’s trail to donnelaith; she becomes acquainted with deirdre stella mayfair and aria january
        lotte answers a summons from scimitar frostfur; she offers to help heal the gravely wounded marbas cairn and removes him from neverwinter forest’s doorstep
        lotte returns to neverwinter forest to make an offering to scimitar and discovers that marbas, still not fully recovered from his previous wounds, has transgressed and earned death at the treelord’s fangs by stealing a cub; with scimitar’s permission, lotte attempts to ease marbas’ passing by feeding him poppy
        lotte becomes acquainted with constantine julien mayfair and is sent on a scouting mission to blackrock depths
        as kitku, lotte attends den night and becomes acquainted with the wolves of blackrock depths, in particular doe and szymon cairn, arturo fearghal, and chusi
        lotte takes chusi home to donnelaith and begins sharing a den with the young girl
        lotte is reunited with her twin dagfinn
        lotte learns of teaghlaigh’s forming from arturo himself and admits that she had lied to the den night participants about her identity; contrite, she reveals the names of the false identities she uses when she is sent on missions requiring subterfuge, and a curious romance is sparked between the gangster and his nightingale
        aria and constantine announce their plans to step down and take their leave of donnelaith, leaving deirdre and her twin emaleth claudette mayfair in charge
        chusi announces her plans to take her leave of donnelaith in favor of joining teaghlaigh and living with arturo
        lotte becomes acquainted with furiosa kingjaw, teaghlaigh’s póilín and arturo’s red herring
        after playing an alluring game of cat-and-mouse in the deepwood weald, arturo announces his desire to court lotte; she very enthusiastically accepts
        dagfinn visits a second time; lotte tells him of arturo’s proposition and learns about duskvale
        lotte is reunited with chusi and learns that the foundling has taken the surname “fearghal” after being officially adopted by arturo
        a fire razes donnelaith to the ground; the pack scatters, and when the dust clears, deirdre is nowhere to be found
        barely escaping the fire, lotte immediately goes in search of arturo; she is reunited with arturo and chusi and becomes acquainted with dakarai svartell
        lotte officially adopts chusi
        lotte learns of doe and szymon’s disappearance from coelacanth corten
        lotte and arturo breed with the intention of creating another generation of fearghals to terrorize the teekons; arturo tells lotte he loves her for the first time and asks her to lead teaghlaigh at his side as banríon; she graciously accepts and informs him of various happenings in teaghlaigh’s surrounding territories
        dakarai and his mate olive shakti-svartell return to ravensblood forest after a prolonged honeymoon gone terribly, terribly wrong; in this unfortunate way, lotte learns of the druid’s pregnancy and the brewing enmity between blackfeather woods and teaghlaigh; this is the catalyst for her aggression toward competing females
        lotte rekindles a former “business partnership” with rouge, former sounder of blackrock depths; they agree to cultivate a friendship based on their mutual interests
        the wolves of blackfeather woods arrive on teaghlaigh’s doorstep; it is this unwelcome visit that forces arturo to consider seeking sanctuary elsewhere
        arturo takes dakarai and chusi on a scouting trip to the tuktu hinterlands; they discover the strath and return home with the intention of relocating immediately
        teaghlaigh departs ravensblood forest before dawn on march twentieth and travels across the teekons: [i · ii · iii · iv · v · vi · vii · viii · ix · x]
        teaghlaigh claims hideaway strath and its neighboring territories, black morass and bonesplinter ravine; lotte is unexpectedly reunited with dagfinn, assuaging one of her greatest fears about the move, and is comforted by his close proximity; despite this, she harbors a grave sense of trepidation about the health of her unborn children
        despite her gravid state, lotte doggedly goes den hunting with arturo; she dens beneath the roots of the strath’s only sequoia — hereafter known as the king sequoia
        olive and dakarai are put on trial before the family
Pack History
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PARENTS: Aksel and Dorthe
BROTHERS: Bård, Dagfinn, Lærke
MATE: Arturo
DAUGHTERS: Chusi, Mallaidh Furiosa, Eirlys Dagny
SONS: Roarke Altaïr, Ceallach Mathan
        Iota · Geiréiniam · Labhandair
        Comhlach · Leifteanant · Banríon
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