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Blackfeather Woods

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Full Name: Rouge
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (4/4/2013)
Birthplace: Minnesota
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A sneakily gorgeous black wolf, with bright light blue yes. Her coat seems darker then black and it shimmers when the moon light hits it. As she moves through the night, it's easier to hear or smell her then it is to see her. An average sized wolf build for stealth, allowing her to move smoothly with grace, but also allows her to put up one hell of a fight which others might not expect.

- Neutral
- Wicked ~ Mischievous
- Flirtatious - Sometimes
- Secretive
- Dedicated worker
- Good fighter and hunter (3 years of survival fighting/hunting)
- Has a soft spot for pups, lone wolves, and those who are lonely or feel out of place.
Rouge was abandon as a pup when she was 6 months old. She has little memories of the time before her abandonment, known not why she was abandon. She was alone and scared for a long time and when no one returned she learned she would have to fend for herself, and that you couldn't rely on anyone. She became distant and secretive afraid to let anyone hurt her again. Surviving on her own and running into all kinds of wolves, she became an avid and skilled hunter and fighter. She also hated the idea of a pack and though that anyone within one was fake.

In Character Development : This hatred continued for a long time, but over time Rouge became more lonely. She didn't dislike the company of other, just the pack life and she soon realized she couldn't have one without the other. As winter approached she attempted to join Blackfeather Woods pack, but was chased off as the aggressive wolves threatened to take her life. This discouraged her from trying to join another one, but she did as she became a member of the Blackrock Depths Pack. Though her hard work as a scout she became the sounder (basically a beta) of the pack. She now appreciated the aspect of the pack and the friendships that formed while she was in one. But, out of no where it seemed, the leader of the pack vanished and the pack fell apart. She began to look for a new place to call home.
Pack History
Lone Wolf
8/10/16 - 10/9/16
Blackrock Depths Pack - Sounder ~ Beta
10/9/16 - 2/~/17
Lone Wolf
2/~/17 - 7/27/2017

Moonspear - Eta
7/27/2017 - Current
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