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Full Name: Isengrim Cairn
Subspecies: Mixed (50% Mexican, 25% Hudson Bay 25% Great Plains)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (October 31st, 2016)
Birthplace: Blackrock Depths, Teekon Wilds
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born a dark shade of pewter and striated with ash. his features will be round like the flat surface of a riverstone; smooth and uncorrupted save for the bright sweep of sunny yellow eyes. (written by lauren) as of now, grimmy is boney and starved looking. he holds a hunkered stance, defensive and volatile in his movements. feral, he looks like a man who just escaped the wilderness.
brash, arrogant, quick to shove: the green-eyed monster. what was once a boy is now a man, hardened by the disappearance of his mother and father and the (assumed) abduction if his sister, he is a boy with more anger than one could possibly assume. without fault does he hold a high regard for himself, and is unnecessarily protective of his sister, despite the fact that he's her bitch. upon provocation does he embody the meaning of tantrum, and it is this quality that is due to become what will be his greatest asset and the catalyst of his downfall: unreasonable rage. he holds an underlying sense of what should and should not be, and almost always acts on it, despite obvious logic flaws. true, gut feeling does and will always drive the man and pave his way to great victory and success. but honestly, he's pretty much a child who (metaphorically) solves his problems by throwing cereal at the enemy. 2017: due to a terrible incident involving an elderly seal and a rather large crab, isengrim is without his tongue.
after a short stint as thuringwethil's personal slave, isengrim has since followed his sister out of the teekon by her command.
Pack History
PARENTS → Doe & Szymon
SIBLINGS → Julep, Whiskey & Fawnskin
UNCLE → Skellige
COUSINS → Moorhen, Redshank, Smokestep, Sandpiper

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This character is NOT up for adoption.

HUMAN MODEL — Lip, from Shameless.
Warriors by Imagine Dragons
Do I wanna know? by Arctic Monkeys
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