Profile of Sylvas Streiter: Quick Facts

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Sylvas Streiter

Basic Info
Full Name: Sylvas 'Syl' Streiter
Subspecies: NRM x Gray
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years (09/09/2014)
Birthplace: Unknown
At A Glance
Bright amber eyes aglow, belonging to a large, yet lean mixed brown form. Scars scatter his skin, unseen under all his messy fur. Only upon his muzzle, can a few faint scratches be seen. Strei's right ear has a slight tear through the tip.

The sides of his muzzle are scarred from being torn by another.
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Profile of Sylvas Streiter: Details
Streiter is of a lean, average build. The male's messily kept fur being an array of many shades of browns and grays, a few strands of black can be seen scattered throughout his pelt, mostly being found upon his back. A mixture of cream and brown paint his underbelly and along the insides of limber, long legs. With natural hazel/amber like eyes and rounded ears, one (right) being slightly more torn than the other. Streiter comes across as your ordinary colored wolf. Though across his muzzle, Strei carries a few minute pinkish scars. Some a small reminder of past experiences with others. The other scars, though unseeing to the eye, cover the rest of his body, a result of a careless accident.

Now the brown and gray male walks with gruesome scars across his features, a result of an injury that happened during his time away from the Wilds. These permanent marks are visibly seen around both sides of his muzzle and constantly make it seem as if the brute is smiling almost.
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A bit misunderstood, Streiter tends to come across as arrogant in his silent nature, though he is far from it. In reality, he's actually just shy. Having journeyed the surrounding lands alone, Streiter has in a sense become socially awkward. Only ever having himself for company. There is a constant battle inside the young wolf's head, two voices arguing within his mind. Sometimes he comes across as insane, this mainly because he has developed a habit of talking to himself. Inside his mind, its a battle between which wolf he feeds. The good? Or the bad?

He is a young mind tormented with dark thoughts. Feeling like an out cast, Strei tends to keep to himself. The brute is afraid of getting close to another, for the ache to only end up loosing them. He's a loner at heart and has a passion for adventure. A fiery spirit sits beneath a patient soul, brewing, silently waiting for the time it'll erupt.

Since becoming a father, Sylvas has found himself to be very protective.. His family mean everything to him. And over this period, being a mate and a new father, Sylvas has become much more serious towards life, the safety and well being of those closest to him being of main priority. But the sudden death of his mate was unforeseen and literally broke him from the inside, along with the disappearance of his daughter, all in the same day. But, still, underneath all the seriousness that has become of him, he still remains the loving, gentle and kind wolf that he always has been.
Born in lands unknown, Sylvas left his family for adventure. The young male wanting to travel the lands and see new things. The urge to meet new wolves and experience the wonders the world had to offer him. Though unknowing to the naive male, not all of it would be wondrous and not all of whom he'd meet would be what he thought.

Little Goat Mountain. Though the place to him was still unknown, though if placed there again, Streiter would surely recognize the land. The mountain cast a shadow down upon the male, amber eyes shimmering in the dense light that the mountain side allowed to break through its jagged formation. Paws cautiously treading across the ground as the young male looked in awe at his surroundings, the mountain that towered above and the darkened forest to its left. The forest being of claimed territory, or so Streiter's nose could tell him. So with that, the young male steered clear from the pack lands and began to explore the mountain.

Excitement filled him as he began to scale further up, paws digging into its hard, jagged surface as he pulled himself onward. Only a couple of minutes in and the brute felt the burn of his muscles, low panting escaping his lips as he pressed on, pushing himself. What's the view like from up here? He wondered. Many questions filling his mind, distracting him till suddenly a paw slipped on a loose stone. A loud yelp roared from within him as he felt his body slide down the mountain face. Sharp edges of rock sliced at his fur, tufts floating like feathers into the wind as it tore at his flesh beneath. This was it. The end of his adventuring days! Possibly the end of him! The brown mass that was Streiter rolled down the mountain, rumble and dust following him down as he plummeted back to where he had began. Laying upon the ground in a messy heap, surrounded by stones and rumble, the male remained still and quiet.

Hours passed, then finally there was a sign of life! Torn ear twitched, a soft groan escaping him as he shifted himself upon the floor.. observing his surroundings through hazy vision, Streiter blinked in a confused manner at the mountain. What had just happened? Still dizzy, the brute's vision blurred till darkness took over once more .

Amnesia clouds all.

Update on recent events:

Sylvas ventured the many lands of the Teekon wilds, finding himself journeying through countless places; till one day he came across an unnamed female in the Wapun Meadows. Unknowing to the male that future, unforeseen escapades with the woman would drastically change his way of life. And possibly for the better?

Eden, was her name. For they had come across each other once more after their intimate encounter. Sylvas noticed her battered form; for Eden and her sister, Alyssum had been forced to leave their pack lands. For mating with an outsider without consent. More to the news, Eden had informed Sylvas, that she was carrying his children and that soon, he would be a father.

With these new responsibilities looming over the male, he did what any good father would do. He stayed with Eden to raise their pups when they came into the world (along with her sister, Alyssum) and together they began their search for a new home. It was then that they came across the borders of the Royal Fire Court pack lands. After an introduction with one of the pack leaders, Alder, luckily they were accepted into the pack; though Streiter remains to prove himself of worth to those who so graciously took them in. Since then, Streiter continues to train as a mercenary, hoping to be able to prove his worth to join his mate, Eden and the rest of the pack within the Inner Circle. Gradually, within time Sylvas was accepted into the Inner Circle as a Knight and shortly after, on the 1st Dec, his pups, Sorrel and Kieran were born into the world.

► Meets Eden for the first time in Wapun Meadows. (During mating season).
► Reunites with Eden (along with her sister, Alyssum) in search of a pack.
► Sylvas and Eden, along with Alyssum join The Royal Fire Court as Gentry's.
► Eden gives birth to Sylvas' pups. Sorrel Marie and Kieran Adrian.
► Sylvas is accepted into the Inner Circle as a Knight.
► The Royal Fire Court is raided and out numbered by an opposing male named Reek and his pack.
RFC now known as ROA (The Republic of Auros) relocates to Duskfire Glacier, in the Snowforest Taiga.
► The Republic of Auros disbands as wolves gradually start to disappear from the pack. Sylvas' daughter, Sorrel is one of those included. And Eden is found dead at the bottom of the Glacier.
► Sylvas, Kieran, Heartha along with Hawthorn leave their second broken home and travel through the Teekons.
► Eventually Syl and his group stumble upon a lone male, Grayday and his family, together forming a pack of their own within the Cuesta.
► Sylvas vanishes from the Wilds for reasons unknown, leaving his son, Kieran and the pack of Morningside behind.
► Sylvas returns to the Teekon Wilds after several odd days of being away and just in time for the packs migration to Blackdeer Plateau.
Pack History
Parents: Sylvak Streiter Arkit
Siblings: Soryn Streiter Sybella

Mate: Eden
Offspring: Sorrel Marie Kieran Adrien

Deceased Missing
LONE WOLF - (09/09/15) - (08/06/16)
ROYAL FIRE COURT - (08/05/16) - (01/16/17)
REPUBLIC OF AUROS - (16/1/2017) - (09/02/17)
LONE WOLF - (09/02/17) - (04/18/17)
MORNINGSIDE - (04/18/17) - Present
Profile of Sylvas Streiter: Additional Information
Behind the name
Sylvas - "Forest"
Streiter - “Warrior”

Languages Spoken

French ~ English

Pursuing Trades

[Image: warrior.gif] Mercenary - Guardian

[Image: gamekeeper.gif] Hunter - ??
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