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Full Name: Birk
Subspecies: Mackenzie valley wolf
Sex: Male 9NVxqLUh
Age: Almost 2 years old (28th February 2015)
Birthplace: Jötunn Glacier
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A medium build wolf, who has just grown out of the yearling's awkwardness and has begun to walk in a grown man's shoes. Ivory pelt with shades of cream and light gray fur mixed together. Golden eyes. A handsome young man with a kind expression.
Easy-going, kind and loyal. Loves adventures and can sometimes give into mischief-doing. Generally likeable character thatis easy to befriend.
Born and raised in very harsh conditions, he spent his early youth traveling and exploring the far North. However, he decided that he would like to spend his second winter under more desirable weather conditions, therefore he left his family to find a place, where the grass was literally greener (and existed at all).
Parents: Muspell and Kari
Siblings: Vili and Nisse
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