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Basic Info
Full Name: Birk
Subspecies: Mackenzie valley wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old (28th February 2015)
Birthplace: Jötunn Glacier
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Profile of Birk: Details
A medium build wolf, who during his third year has matured beautifully into a good-looking, smart and strong man. Ivory pelt with shades of cream and light gray fur mixed together. Golden eyes.
Easy-going, kind and loyal. Loves adventures and can sometimes give into mischief-doing. He has a sense of humor that at times is harmless and silly, but can get very dark as well. He has no tolerance for conceited people or those, who are all brawn, but have no brains. He has a weakness for good-looking she-wolves.

Generally likeable character that seems to make friends easy, however, whether he keeps them or regards them that way, depends on the situation.
Born and raised in very harsh conditions, he spent his early youth traveling and exploring the far North. However, he decided that he would like to spend his second winter under more desirable weather conditions, therefore he left his family to find a place, where the grass was literally greener (and existed at all).

He arrived in Teekon wilds during the winter season of 2016/2017, met quite a lot of people along his way and was good for the most part of the winter, until an unexpected snowstorm hit and he got severe frostbites. Raven of Redhawk caldera gave him the herbs neccessary to heal his infected wounds, however, in return he had to pledge loyalty to the caldera and repay the debt.

As hard as Birk tried, he never really felt at home in the caldera. And by August his romantic feelings for the dark-furred healer had all but dwindled away. That and the lack of food in the area because of the overcrowiding within the ranks led to a decision to leave the place and seek luck elsewhere.

He has traveled extensively during the past four months and has returned to Teekon wilds to join a pack in order to survive the winter. What happens after that is yet to be found out.
Parents: Muspell and Kari
Siblings: Vili and Nisse
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