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Basic Info
Full Name: Sunny Dagfinn Ansbjørn-Ciel
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: (11/20/16)
Birthplace: EastHollow
At A Glance
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Profile of Sunny: Details
As a young pup, he is totally black save for the pale grey forepaws and tail. When grown, his coat is primarily dark, but lightens significantly from puppyhood into adulthood-a smoky grey, save for his now ivory front paws and tail, grey peppered face and forelegs, and ebony ears, guard hairs, and hind legs. Once grown, his eyes are a lighter shade than his fathers: a rich amber.
Pack History
@Grayday = father

@Dawn = sister
November 20th 2016= born in EastHollow as a pup.

Lone wolf

April 2017: Watcher
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