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Basic Info
Full Name: Dawn Morningside
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain, Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0.9 (2016-11-20)
Birthplace: Stone Circle
At A Glance
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Profile of Dawn: Details
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we'll die

Dawn possesses a coat made of shades of silver, charcoal dusting her back and fading to a pale clouded grey on her underbelly. cream highlights her coat in a few rare places, and often is it ruffled and misshapen. like two shining gems, her optics gleam bronze, yet on closer inspection, they are flecked with fiery gold. on her grey-toned pelt, they stand out especially. Her height is destined to be average, her build yet to be determined. currently, she is gangly and svelte, yet growing swiftly.


Artwork by tumblr

Artwork by tumblr
but first we'll live

a fiercely independent spirit, Dawn prefers her way over most any way. stubborn, and willful, she hold fast to her ideologies and words, though she can be swayed with a thorough argument. hardly one who follows rules, much less one who lives by them, Dawn may be considered a difficult child. vocal in her opinions, she is bold in action and word.

she does not fear to ask questions, and does not shy away from difficult topics. prone to being clumsy, both physically and with words. while fierce, she is not without a caring streak; empathetic, this shines through at times. she is a risk-taker, a doer, one who takes action. her fierce pride may very well be her undoing; she can not bring herself to be content with being or appearing weak, or having to rely on others.


her earliest memories are of Easthollow. here she was born to Grayday and Amber, early winter of 2016. her childhood was normal, save for the disappearance of her mother. she grew alongside brother Sunny and friends Keoni and Nikai, raised in part by the female Krypton. when she was three months old, Grayday took Dawn and her brother away from Easthollow and begun his own pack, Morningside. Here she grew up in the small, familiar pack, gaining her scout trade and eventually, her hunter trade. Her brother disappeared back to Easthollow when she was five months old, deciding that his loyalties lay not with them. She gained an aunt in the form of Sunspot, and learned in May that she would be a half-sister when her father took a second mate. Soon, Dauntless, Easy and Lavender where born, and much like her own mother, Khoe vanished, leaving Grayday to care for his own pups, alone, once more. The pack moved to Blacktail Deer Plateau to spend the winter, and was shaken by the death of Heartha, a longtime packmate. As Dawn struggled with all the change and losses suddenly presented to her, she also suffered an injury during a hunt and is currently in recovery
Pack History
Grayday♂ and Amber♀
Sunny♂ (Estranged)
Half Siblings (By Khoe):
Easy♀, Lavender♀ and Dauntless♂
East Hollow
Profile of Dawn: Additional Information
Adopted April/2017
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