Profile of Gwen: Quick Facts
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Gwendolyn Eruna
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (27/11/2015)
Birthplace: Alaska
At A Glance
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Beautiful, graceful, regal, yet troubled.
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Profile of Gwen: Details
Gwen is an beautiful white she-wolf with dark blue eyes. She is rather small but makes up for it with speed and agility. There is not much more to her appearance other than her overly thick fur.
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She has lost so many, that she believes everyone might leave her in the end.
Nobody but her pack has stayed, but even she doesn't always believe that she fits in.
Despite being their alpha, she often feels disconnected from the group. They seem to all have close bonds to each other, yet she herself has close bonds to nobody.

She's just a little broken soul in a world of tragedy.

Working Towards Hunter Trade: [Image: hunter.gif] 4/5
Hunts for Knew
Hunting for Pack
Hunts a rabbit
Pack hunt
Hunts a rabbit with Semira
A tale of young love, heartbreak, an obsessive lover and hope.
Pack History
Outside of Teekon Wilds:
Parents - Mohad x Jemma
Sister - Julie

Inside Teekon:
Ex-Mate - Storm
Ex-Lover - Knew

Dead Missing
Lone Wolf
Marauder's Keep - Eta, Epsilon (up)
Lone Wolf
Ganador Bypass - Empress [alpha]
Lone Wolf
Profile of Gwen: Additional Information
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