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Basic Info
Full Name: Arrille "Calder" Loðbrok
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley x Eastern Timber x Arctic Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.9 (25 December 2016)
Birthplace: Neverwinter Forest
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Profile of Arrille: Details
Born to Ondine Água and Kjalarr Eitri Loðbrok, Arrille will be the first to pop out of his mother. With both parents being on the bigger size, Arrille will also sport a big frame - even as a pup he'll be bigger than both of his sisters. It is his bigger size that makes him more appealing to his mother, but not the only reason he is chosen. He is the only one of his litter to have tiny, golden sandy socks. They reach up to a little further than his ankles, fading into the white of his pelt, not like his father (who has stockings of the same color) but close enough. Of course, his fur is a stark white - almost silvery hue and he will have baby blue eyes whenever they open.

As he grows up, not much changes except his size. He will not be surpassing his dad nor his mother, but be around the same size (this is still big!). His eyes will change to a lighter butterfly blue. He'll have a broad build, much like his father, and if he chooses the warrior path he'll grow even more muscular than he already is. All this taken into account, he'll be more a clone of his dad rather than his mother (Though he has the handsome, good-looking genes from both of his parents).
As he grows up, Arrille will become more like his father than mother. He becomes rather possessive of his mother, believing her to be only his. He is vain and arrogant, like his father once was. And he is not afraid to speak his mind, nor speak out against others. As a child, he had a rather cruel humor.
Pack History
Mother: Ondine Água (Alive)
Father: Kjalarr Eitri Loðbrok (Alive)
Profile of Arrille: Additional Information
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