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Full Name: Phox "Fidget" Redhawk
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 years+ (1 January 2017)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
At A Glance
a piece of shit coward
[Image: phox-by-starr.png]
Artwork by Starr
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Black and silver coat with black tail, legs, ears, and face. White-tipped tail. Burnt sienna eyes. Large and lean.
Pack History
Redhawk Caldera — 01/2017 to 12/2017
Sigma, Rho, Omicron, Pi, Tau, Sigma, Tau, Sigma, Pi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Omicron, Theta, Zeta, Epsilon

Lone Wolf — 12/2017 to present

Artwork by Stevie
Trades & Specialties
Naturalist (2017-05-10)
Hunter (2017-06-29)
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Registered on January 01, 2017, last visited Yesterday, 05:45 PM
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