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Basic Info
Full Name: Orca Elfin Redhawk
Subspecies: Eastern timber wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (January 1, 2017)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
At A Glance
Small, black and white.
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Profile of Orca: Details
Orca is petite in size, much smaller than the average female wolf. She is coated in black from tip to tail, save for a few peculiar white markings around her eyes, cheeks, and underbelly. Although she has never laid eyes on an orca whale herself, she very much resembles the sea-dwelling mammal in coloration.
Orca fell from Mount Everfall in June of 2018.
Pack History
Peregrine & Fox Redhawk
Elwood & Finley Blackthorn
Derp, Nightjar, Wildfire, & Raven Redhawk (2/22/15)
Ferret, Gannet, Whip-poor-will, & Peter Redhawk (2/29/16)
Oriole, Phox, Stoat, Titmouse, & Towhee Redhawk (1/1/17)
Redhawk Caldera: 1/1/17 - present
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