Profile of Cathenna: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Cathenna
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (January 2nd, 2014)
Birthplace: Hellishan Coast
At A Glance
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Profile of Cathenna: Details

Shades of silver intermix with the lights tones of tan and white to form the pelt of this dangerous female. A dark streak of black and grey trails her spine, from head to tail, her paws while often dirty from the sand and the mud are a shimmering bright shade of white when cleaned. An average sized grey wolf, her presence isn’t immediately intimidating until you catch her piercing deep ocean blue eyes.



The first daughter of a once thought barren mother, Cathenna was born when the full moon was at it’s highest peak. Being named after the Godess of War and Wisdom, Cathenna has always been a fighter. However her dispositions waned from that of the warrior as her parent had hoped she might become. Instead Cathenna's interest weighed more with hunting then with offensive battles.

Often coming off as arrogant and argumentative, Cathenna has no qualms about voicing her opinion, and will tell you to your face whether you are right or wrong. Cathenna is a wolf of duty and honour, faith and devotion. Even though her outward personality would prove otherwise.


Life before the Teekon Wilds...
A blessing to her parents from the almighty, Cathenna was born a sacred daughter as her mother was once thought barren. Although the only pup to ever be born from the pairing Cathenna was a blessing. She was loved and cherished by the whole pack. Proving herself as gifted even among the alpha's own offspring. When her parents died, she left, much to the dismay of the ruling pair. She had to find her own way in the world, and their was nothing holding her back. So she set off for her very own adventure, and arrived in the Teekon Wilds.

Lone Wolf

Pack History
Parents: Qamar ♀ & Thora ♂

Mate: None at the moment
Offspring: None

Lone Wolf: January 2, 2015 - PRESENT
Profile of Cathenna: Additional Information
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