Profile of Aries: Quick Facts
Blackfeather Woods

Basic Info
Full Name: Aries Svartell
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 11 months (March 12, 2017)
Birthplace: Ravensblood Forest, Teaghlaigh
At A Glance
[Image: giphy.gif]

Currently sports three large scars along his left shoulder, the mark of claws from a wolverine.
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Profile of Aries: Details
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“ I feel invincible, earthquake, powerful ”

A large, muscular boy with a coat of inky ash, a dark dove-grey that covers the majority of his body with the exception of his underbelly, legs, and the underside of his muzzle. His appearance is a handsome mix between his mother and father, a child of the stars as he was named. He holds both his father's strength in his bulky figure, but also his mother's grace and beauty.

His eyes are that of a sharp, icy blue, and his gaze is indeed quite captivating. But even with spectacular eyes, there are shadows hidden behind that twist and hint at much darker thoughts that plague his mind.


[Image: ygemXjv.png]

His very presence alone is one cold and dark, one does not need to listen to his words to know he is a danger. He has been dominant from birth, and this continued as he grew, entangling with his desire for power. But still, he is loyal to those he serves under if he believes they deserve his respect. He is confident in his abilities, and his words, so when he speaks with his deep voice there is no hesitation. But this does not mean he speaks without thinking, for the boy rarely speaks at all, and his thoughts alone are not generally voiced unless he does not wish to contain them (not for the fear of judgement, he simply believes actions speak more than words).

Alongside this, he is hard-working when he wishes to be, and daring if he believes he has the upper-hand. The boy is undeniably perceptive and calculating, and he has a tendency to judge others very much on first appearance, though is wary not to underestimate them if he cannot quickly decipher their intentions. He, too, is manipulative, and a sucker for bringing pain onto others. There is something so satisfying to him about raining down endless suffering onto another - he is very much not against torture, finding the very idea quite pleasant. Manipulating, to him, is one of the most amusing things possible. Be it getting someone else to do his dirty work or creating chaos amongst others using who they believed to be their allies. There is much wrong with his mind, in the eyes of others, perhaps.

But he was always like this, even from a younger age. He simply had yet to discover truly what he was capable of.

[Image: TKwvaNu.png]
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Pack History
Primary Relations:

Mother: Olive Shakti-Svartell
Father: Dakarai Svartell
Littermates: Sirius, Cassiopeia
Teaghlaigh - Leanbh (Youth)
Lone Wolf
Moonspear - Sigma, Tau (Down), Omicron (Up) (Youth)
Blackfeather Woods - Spiderling (Youth), Tyro, Reaper (up)
Profile of Aries: Additional Information
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