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Full Name: Elijah Keziah “Rollo” Conlan
Subspecies: Gray
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (22/12/14)
Birthplace: North
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ASH & SMOKEA pelt majorly consisting of a range of tints, dappled with various shades of fading gray and a subtle dashes of darkness filed underneath the white. A tail of black/dark gray stretches from the base of his skull downwards to the start of his tail, growing ever so subtly as it cascades vertically in somewhat of a blanket before merging and fading off into the white His complexion is cracked by the long, dark scar that runs from his cheek to his nose, disfiguring the left side of his maw vividly. His eyes are pure gray, nothing special about them and holding little emotion within. His stature is rugged, brawn clearly shown in the hunk of his build. It is clear upon sight that what he lacks in stamina is made up for in brute strength.

inspired by tom hardy from basically anything he's been in.

theme songto be alone & in the woods by hozier

THE HEATHENa man with many secrets and a troubled past, as any textbook gangster. a man of little words, but when he does speak at length, it is with candid purpose (and usually with a colourful vocabulary). but what he lacks in word does he make up for in brute strength. will act civil enough, until someone pisses him off and then God help the man who does.

the gentleman, towards women, but desires nothing closer with them than a physical bond. he is possessive over what he wants and will go to unparalleled lengths to keep what he has, even if it means breaking himself and everything around him in the process. unconsciously (and purposefully) he will use his debonair effect to obtain the object of his desire without regret. rollo is quick to form opinions based on what he observes, and there is little one can do to change his views. therefore, trusts none, other than Arturo, Teaghlaigh's Ceannasach. rollo is a barbarian with morals, and if anything, his own zeal will be his downfall. always needs something to fill his own void of addiction. lets just say he's got some bad habits. some, would even describe him as paranoid.

Pack History
SIRE & DAME : unknown
MATE: n/a
OFFSPRING: Lyona Delaney ♀, Alma Delaney ♀, Zilpha Delaney ♀, Julius Delaney ♂
LOVER (s): Kitsch


Rollo, upon entering the Teekon Wilds, becomes acquainted with Arturo Fearghal and agrees to follow his rule.

        -- Rollo is promoted straight to Caenn upon his arrival
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WARNING: Rollo has a potty mouth and is not afraid to use it. Don't be offended by what comes out of it.
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unhinged ∙ shady ∙ unethical ∙ vain ∙ selfish ∙ generally a dick
an alter ego of sorts; shadow is his consequence, his retribution and the keeper of his secrets. relentless, unforgiving, unethical. the dark side of the moon. simply refers to his demons as another manifestation of himself that he cannot control. what is him, but is not really him the bloody executioner to his judge; a knight of Hell. anything may entice this version of himself ranging from deep emotion, fury to lust. intensely savage and unpredictable, subdued only by will and distraction. Needless to say, this occurrence is the catalyst for his stoic behaviour and the reason for the mystery that always seems to shroud any inquiry into his origin. Rollo will probably never take a mate but acquire numerous lovers instead.