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Basic Info
Full Name: Seri Ciel
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain 50%, Mackenzie Valley 50%
Sex: Female
Age: 4 months (2/21/2017)
Birthplace: Teekon Wilds - Silver Creek
At A Glance
A small, curious, white ball of fluff.
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Profile of Seri: Details
Seri will takes after her mother more in stature. Her coat is mostly white, with a little scattered silver frosting her coat throughout. Her eyes are a pale silver, they occasionally appear white at first glance, sparkling much like the silver creek where she was born.
- Curious
- Compassionate
- Friendly
Seri was born into a loving family where she became compassionate to her parents and siblings. But shortly after she learned how to hunt small game her pack disbanded. Now this little pup ponders what she can do to stay within Teekon.
Pack History
- @Heston and @Spring

- @Soren, @Soni, @Hinton
Silver Creek Pack
Birth - 6/6/2017

Lone Wolf
6/6/2017 - Present
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