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Basic Info
Full Name: Artaax
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female 9NVxqLUh
Age: 0.75 (March 19th, 2017)
Birthplace: Drageda
At A Glance
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Profile of Artaax: Details
[Image: oL6YWRG.png]Artaax most resembles Dio upon birth, his puppy blues changing into an orange (right) and cornflower blue (left). For most of his childhood, his fur will be cream in color that, by the time he's a year, will become mostly white with a cream undertone and the dark mask around his muzzle. He will be larger than both Wildfire and his sister but just smaller than Dio.
In his short life thus far, Artaax has shown himself to be a soft-spoken, bold, inquisitive young wolf, generally mild-tempered with a tendency to be protective, stubborn, a little obsessive and highly determined. He covets the praise and attention of those he loves, which motivates him to be competitive, but obedient. Artaax has a penchant for stalking things and a talent for being observant that will (hopefully) lead him to a promising hunting career. That or he'll become an actual stalker. Let's all cross our fingers.
Pack History
Parents: Wildfire(w/ Dio ♂) & Thuringwethil
Littermates: Antler ♂, Blixen ♀, Pheonix ♂, Robin "Bobby"
DRAGEDA03/19/17 - present
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