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Basic Info
Full Name: Easy Ishara Morningside
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf x Wolfdog
Sex: Female 9NVxqLUh
Age: 0.0 (7/1/2017)
Birthplace: Morningside Cuesta
At A Glance
A sprightly black puff-ball, spattered with silver and grey.
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Profile of Easy: Details
A dark poof-ball, liberally splotched with shades of sterling and silver. Muddy green eyes, quickly lightening to sunlit amber. Body structure seems sturdier than it is due to her thickening pelt.

Scent: Dry heat and damp chills; rain before it falls, lightning before it strikes. Also, puppy breath and milk.

Easy is a gamine creature, existing at a medium height, weight, and build. Her blue merle pelt is dark, coarse, and thinner than the average wolf's in summertime due to her mixed heritage. Her eyes are the color of sunshine.
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Quick-thinking. Demanding. Generally agreeable. Loves her family, the mud, and long walks through the forest. Currently interested in hunting.

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Easy was born into her father's pack, Morningside. At the time of her birth, the pack resided at Morningside Cuesta in the furthest reaches of the Rising Sun Valley. Shortly thereafter, the pack moved westward to take up residence upon the Blacktail Deer Plateau along the edges of the Kintla Flatlands. Her mother left, and though Easy was devastated at the time, she quickly latched on to Pema, a young shewolf and aspiring medic. With the help of her pack, her tumultuous childhood soon evened out.

She is currently very happy with her life.
Pack History
Born to Grayday and Khoe, alongside Lavender and Dauntless. She has two older half-siblings named Sunny and Dawn.
MORNINGSIDE7/1/2017 - present
Profile of Easy: Additional Information
Primary: Grayday > Alya
Secondary: Murdock > Sunspot > Easy

Feel free to request threads! I'm almost always open to new ones, but most of my characters are restricted to certain areas on the map. :)
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