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Full Name: Komodo 'Earthstalker' Angakkuq
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Male 9NVxqLUh
Age: 4 years (August 21, 2013)
Birthplace: Old Crow, Canada
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the earthstalker

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Komodo cuts an impressive figure. He is a large, thickset man who has clearly been hardened through a life of solitude. His loner lifestyle has imbued his frame with a thick musculature with notably strong legs; perfect for traversing great tracks of lands with much efficiency and ease. His northern heritage yields a thick pelt, even during the summer months. His undercoat is cream colored but his guard hairs are dyed a patchwork of coffee, russet and ash. His shoulders, temples and hindquarters are detailed in a smattering of ink. Komodo’s eyes are a deep, brooding orange.

The brute carries himself confidently and distinctly but moves in an unhurried manner. He is a man who liked tactile, detailed work and thus often carries a pouch made of dried skins of his own making. This way, Komodo is able to keep a small supply of healing objects with him at all times, from stones to feathers to bones and herbs.

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angakkuq [noun] - /an ga kuhk/
1. the intellectual and spiritual figure among the Inuit who corresponds to a medicine man.

Komodo is a deeply spiritual healer and considers himself to be skilled in the arts of shamanism. He is an artisan with an observant understand of the mechanics of nature; he approaches his craft with logic and practicality, despite the religious and ephemeral nature of its liturgy. He stands on firmly on earth [rather than losing himself in the philosophy of shamanism] and grounds himself in a sage understanding of the mechanics of the world. As a result is a skilled medicine man and entertains ‘healer for hire’ sort of business relations.

Independent and adaptable, Komodo often is known to be charismatic, charming and somewhat funny in his authentic nature... and sometimes, kind of a douche. The brute is of simple folk and appreciates manipulating ancient wisdom into something far more digestible to the common man. He is modest and prefers actions to conversations; thus, Komodo tends to be more more on laconic and private, much preferring to bond with others through working together on a practical task than through conversation.

also has a bit of a superiority complex, especially in regards to women, whom he believes to be the gentler sex and deserving of protection.

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beasts of seasons

Komodo was a man born and raised into a shamanic society. His parents were deeply religious individuals, as were the others of his small society, and he and he brothers were raised as such. He had been taught the prayers and communed with the gods at a very young age and showed great promise in the ways of the angakkuq — not many were cut for the task. So his training began.

Though his family did instill him with a deep and abiding spirituality, most of the angakkuq’s learning did not come from his time with his natal pack, from but his lifelong travels. When he was less than a year old, the boy struck out on his own — more of a way to challenge his budding skills as a survivalist and monk than anything else. On his quest, the boy became a man and met many individuals from which he learned. As a young man, he spurned any sense of attachment; he was flightly, mercurial and hedonist, using flitting from one scene to the next and finding pleasure in never experiencing the same thing twice. He practiced his spirituality continuously, but his first two years were mostly dedicated to learning and partaking in impromptu mentorships with roadside strangers. As the brute matured, he gained a very broad worldview and began to different adopt rituals and beliefs from his experiences, blending together a mélange of customs and religions to create something entirely his own. The man found himself becoming more regimented and strict in his piety and channeled these energies into learning the arts of healing — something his strong mind and skilled hands took to with ease. With this, the man found a marketable trade and when he realized the value of such knowledge, began to sell his skills on the road. Komodo would stay with groups for some time as a “healer for hire,” as healing was not a one-night job and required. He bonded with these family groups and was sometimes remiss to leave them, but once his job was over the man uprooted himself to find the next business opportunity. In this way, life was made easy for him.

One of these times, considerably his most impactful to date, was with a man names Riptide and his band of seawolves. While moving across a coast, he came across a wolf who summoned Komodo’s skills as a healer to work on Riptide. He was the felled leader of the group and Komodo set to work healing the patriarch’s body; working alongside the Matriach Kirynnae who was an adept naturalist as well. The man lived but ultimately stepped down; Riptide’s heir, Crosscurrent, ascended the throne. Komodo found himself staying with this pack for several months even after his duties were done, particularly enjoying their company. Though Komodo’s age was closer to Riptide’s, he found himself especially drawn to riptide’s grandchildren — dogs of mixed blood and exotic frames — named Coelacanth and Amoxtli. However, it was not long before Komodo bade them goodbye and continued his journeys, eventually reaching the Teekon Wilds.

A complete history of Komodo's time in the wilds can be found in his PawPrints thread.

Pack History
An extended list of relationships can be found in Komodo's PawPrint thread.
NATAL PACK ---> 8.21.13 - 7.6.114
LONE WOLF ---> 7.6.14 - Present

Profile of Komodo: Additional Information

Komodo is heavily based upon Native American and Inuit shamanism, specifically the Angakkuq people and the Santeria religion. A shaman is someone who crosses into other dimensions where he or she obtains information, guidance and healing from the benevolent entities that he meets in those dimensions. These entities have been given many names throughout history.The shaman then brings this information, guidance and healing that he gleans from these entities back to his tribe or community.The shaman crosses into other dimensions while in a trance state. This is what’s known as the shamanic journey. It is not a physical journey. The shaman’s physical body does not go on a journey. If you saw a shaman crossing into another dimension, all you would see is his body prone on the floor looking like someone who’s asleep — except for the occasional twitch as power surges through him.

The Santeria religion focuses on building relationships between human beings and powerful, but mortal, spirits, called Orishas. An Orisha is a manifestation of Olodumare (God). Followers believe that these spirits will give them help in life, if they carry out the appropriate rituals, and enable them to achieve the destiny that God planned for them before they were born. This is very much a mutual relationship as the Orishas need to be worshipped by human beings if they are to continue to exist.

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