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Full Name: Müninn Bludravn /MEU-nin/
Subspecies: Alexander Archipelago wolf x Vancouver Island wolf
Sex: Female 9NVxqLUh
Age: 3 years (February 2014)
Birthplace: Gwaii Haanas, British Columbia
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wild woman

human model: bellatrix lestrange
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scent: valencia orange and smoke
chaotic evil

müninn is a woman of average size, but above average skill. her frame is that of a mesomorph; legs long and made strong by regimented training and the relentless pursuit of brawling excellence. Her sturdy built is not made for agility, but is still limber and frisky. She does not walk as much as she does slink around, flitting and skirting from one shadow to the next; an eidolon who’s byzantine presence commanded the room through suggestive mannerisms and emotive expressions.

She is beautiful in a haunting, eerie way; but her beauty is obscured and hidden by a curious and macabre glint in her eye. Her pointed visage clearly expresses whatever emotion she feels at the moment, as fleeting and volatile as they are. An unsettling aura emanates from her — her voice, while not beautiful, has a distinct vocal try that makes her words sound eerily distant and dripping with unhinged anticipation.

Her mind is busy and she cares little for her looks, and her coat of mottled whites and argents is often twisted with dirt and besmirched with mud from her and huginn’s long travels. Her eyes are usually shadowed and not clearly visible; but when one gets close, they would see they are a stark silver.

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müninn [noun] - /MEU-nin/

1. one of two ravens to sit on odin’s shoulders and whisper all the news which they see and hear into his ear; they are called hüginn and müninn. he sends them out in the morning to fly around the whole world and by breakfast they are back again. '

Müninn is, in a word, unsettled. She is plagued with delusions and a volatility that both plagues and delights her. She finds pleasure in things that others actively avoid, such as pain and falseness. More the most part, she is jovial in a most vexing of ways. The tone of her voice often does not match the words she utters — and it one did not listen for their true meaning, they could easily be duped by her loud and passionate words and miss the insanity that lay just behind her teeth.

Macabre is another word that could accurately describe the banshee. She entertains a healthy fascination with pain and the body and will often go out of her way to cause another emotional and mental misery. In Müninn’s mind, everyone is a potential threat — so why not treat them as such? This is her attitude that she employs when facing every situation. She is extremely territorial over possessions as well as wolves themselves; those who Müninn likes will find a powerful ally in the pale woman — those she doesn’t like will find a vengeful hellcat.

Müninn nurtures an obsession with her brother, Hüginn.

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twin ravens

Müninn and Hüginn were born to large family of wolves in 2014. They were the only two of their litter and, as such, were born with a deep bond with each other. As pups they were unable hide such attachment — often subconsciously electing to snuggle into the form of their sibling rather their mother and father— and as they grew, the twins did nothing to hide their affections towards one another. As they explored and learned the world side-by-side, the raven twins felt their personalities diverge from one another, but remained extremely complimentary. Müninn grew into her macabre curiosities where Hüginn became silent and calculated. The black and white wolves were a veritable yin and yang.

It soon became clear to the other wolves of the family that the twins’ close relationship was no longer spiritual and emotional — but they indulged upon the physical, as well. Many attempts were made by the family and their parents [though the family was an uncouth bunch to begin with, such an unnatural tendency was threatening] and they often resorting to shame tactics — but the two ravens had become one; truly inseparable and unable to operate on their own. Together, however, they were powerful. Extremely so. So, they fled! To be with one another eternally, to explore and conquer the world at their leisure, to find entertainment in the most inane of things… and that’s just the way it was.

A complete history of Müninn's time in the wilds can be found in her PawPrints thread.

Brother: Hüginn Bludravn

A complete record of Müninn's relationships can be found in her PawPrints thread.
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two ravens flew from ódin’s
shoulders; hüginn to the hanged
and müninn to the slain

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