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Full Name: Raleigh
Subspecies: MacKenzie Valley
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (1/17/2015)
Birthplace: Maungeda
At A Glance
Sterling pelt, brown points. Sharp and often accusatory gaze.
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[table]Ra is a mid-sized wolf with a compact, muscular build. Her legs are strong and sure, and her body is thick and stocky. She had a shorter muzzle and smaller ears than many other wolves, and has clearly been designed to survive the colder months upon the mountain she was born on.

With her charcoal body with brown-sugar points, Ra does not blend in well with forested areas or green pastures. The slate-and-dirt backdrop of her mountain is what her coloration emulates.[/table]

Human Model — Chloe Dykstra as Aella the Huntress
Canny and enigmatic, Ra prefers to play her hands close. She is not necessarily 'up to something', but enjoys the attention that comes with suspicion. Maybe uses it as something of a tool to keep others at a distance.

To show affection, Ra recites long, boring tales of generations past. Somehow, she manages to suck the fun out of even the bloodiest, most violent tales. It is unknown whether this is on purpose, or unconsciously due to some strange quirk of her personality. Very few appreciate it, either way.

History lessons aside, Ra is a cheerful creature, given to bouts of roughhousing and garrulous moods - so long as she is in the appropriate setting.
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