Profile of Rowana: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Rowana Saefyn
Subspecies: 50% Great Plains wolf x 37% Mixed wolf x 13% Mixed Dog
Sex: Female
Age: 0.75 (5/28/17)
Birthplace: Ganador Bypass
At A Glance
Honey toned ivory fur with a warm brown mask. Bright lively eyes that always seem to have an ambitious look to them.
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Profile of Rowana: Details
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Creeping up on her first year, Rowana has mostly filled out her form. She still has some weight to gain but the girl's build is a sturdy one thanks to her ancestors.

She displays the large paws and thick bone structure of a future giant. Her mother's markings cast over her face like a light shadow of umber, whereas the remainder of her pelage is soft like honeyed ivory. Her hawk-like golden eyes are also an inherited trait of her mother's and seem to glow in the darkness of twilight.
Rowana is a girl with a bright, vibrant attitude and the wit to match. Her tongue sometimes gets her into trouble, but her sharp mind will usually get her out of it. Her 'I can do it' attitude and feisty nature come from her desire to be just as strong-willed, fierce, and resolute as her mother.

Personality subject to change largely throughout childhood
Rowana was born in a pack that lived in the Ganador Bypass, although she does not remember much of her time there due to her young age when they left to join Easthollow. All she remembered was the distinct scent of the trees of her birthplace. Slowly, Ro adjusted to her new home, but certain things won't be the same.

Regarding Inactive Period
Rowana's reason for disappearance was by pure accident. On a small trip for her next big adventure, she accidentally turned it into a big trip. Her desire had only been to snag something to bring home to her parents. The young girl simply wanted to see them smile with pride. She would have settled for a simple mouse once she realized just how far out she had gone with fruitless trails.

Foolishly she tried to make it home in the dark and got turned around one too many times. Although as days passed Rowana gained a feeling she's almost back home where she belongs.
Pack History
Primary Relationships:
Illecebra (Mother)
Mawk (Father)
Burr & Cyron (Brothers)
Ganador Bypass · Joven · 5/28/17-6/07/17
Easthollow · 6/07/17-???
Lone Wolf · ??? - 1/05/18
Easthollow · 1/05/18-present
Profile of Rowana: Additional Information
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