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Basic Info
Full Name: Étoille
Subspecies: Yukon x Alaskan Tundra wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (04/27/14)
Birthplace: Canada
At A Glance
Big ole oak tree with a cream colored coat and a blonde-brown face.
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Profile of Étoille: Details
Étoille is large, thick, and sturdy. His creamy-white coat is thick and soft, made up of a mix of very pale tans and blondes and muddled with hints of gray, but for his face, where strong brown accentuates his snout and fades into blonde across his cranium. His eyes are a nearly black green-grey.

Étoille is a handsome lad - beautiful even - statuesque in how he holds himself. He moves with an air of unbothered confidence that comes from a deep understanding of his own physical form and how it relates to the world around him.
To put it simply, Étoille is very large. He could be mistaken as dim, but it isn't the case: he's passably intelligent, but not particularly given to expressing himself, and when he does, it is with a labored heaviness that slows his voice. Étoille possesses the kind of confidence that comes with a life of being left alone; he has simply never encountered anyone willing to challenge him, and assumes, maybe correctly so, that this is due to his immense size (and good looks). This confidence does frequently fall into arrogance, and perhaps even a sense of entitlement, but the man is not emotional nor aggressive in his desires. Étoille is, in essence, a large oak tree in the form of a wolf.
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choupinou: furi
DRAGEDAkru, ↑ rauna

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Pronounced e-twal

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