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Basic Info
Full Name: Nyx Winterheart Ostrega
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (April 18, 2015)
Birthplace: Sierra Nevada Mountains, Eastern California, USA
At A Glance
Golden agouti female peppered heavily with black guard hairs, topped on beige undercoat with white markings (chin, 'V' on her chest and both rear paws). Piercing, vivid yellow eyes. Sturdy physique, average height and length.
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Profile of Nyx: Details
Nyx bears a dense coat that is primarily beige, topped with warm shades of gold with bold black guard hairs peppered heavily throughout her crown, nape, shoulders, back and tail. Bright white marks her chin, a 'V' on her chest as well as both of her rear paws. Her eyes are a fierce, toxic yellow.

She is sturdy, average sized wolfess with a solid frame, standing approximately 30 inches at the withers and weighing 85lbs.
Nyx is a daughter of Kelso Ostrega and Kasaka Winterheart, although being the result of an unapproved mating that almost resulted in the deaths of she and her siblings, she has never met her father. She was born alongside a brother, Dirge, and three sisters, Saor, Grey and Lestra.
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