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Basic Info
Full Name: Remi 'Mouse' Ostrega
Subspecies: mixed (grey x mexican)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 yr (July 25th, 2015)
Birthplace: islamorada (outside teekon wilds)
At A Glance
A young thing draped in a pale, creamy, gray coat that darkens on as it reaches his tail, ears, and extremities, on which a tinge of his father’s brown and black combination is entwined. He is lanky and hasn’t yet reached his full size.

He has ‘trouble’ written all over his face and crystal-like blue eyes.

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Profile of Mouse: Details

Artwork by myself
True to his nickname, he is washed on various shades of greys and beiges that give him a paler color than the rest of his siblings. The shades of his fur are however not evenly distributed. While he is mostly covered in an ashy, creamy, grey/beige, he has some distinctive markings that make him one of those wolves you just remember. His legs, tail and ears are all soaked in a darker shade that has several other colors (more greys, silvers, browns and black) entwined in some stripe-like, speckled pattern.
He takes his color of his mother, while it seems it is his father that lives within him.

Like Ciervo, he had a handsome face and he knows it.
Above his coal black nose, another mix of his father’s brown complexion climbs up the bridge of his nose, where a couple of black splotches sit like freckles.

However, the most spectacular thing about him are undoubtedly his eyes.
Enthralling and expressive, and drenched in an almost crystalline blue color that also come from his mother’s genetics. Surrounding them, the same ashen shade that climbs up his forehead, also creates little specks that begin at the corner of his eyes and move further away towards his cheeks.

[Image: tumblr_oih691SfFJ1val4pao1_500.gif]

he is modeled to resemble my cat Mouse, a lynx point siamese

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easily develops crushes- impulsive - brash -makes innapropiate jokes at innapropiate times- childish - hardly expresses his emotions verbally - flirt - impatient - mysterious- defiant to authority - holds a deep guilt in his heart - is sneaky and shady af

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Still an unexperienced creature with loads of energy to spare, Remi is a rebellious youngster that has made a lifestyle out of risky behaviour.
He tends to be a rule breaker, thinking that the only valid moral compass is his own.
early months
Born to the Alpha pair of a coast-dwelling pack called Havana Pier, Remi had a normal, happy puppyhood. He spent his days playing with his siblings, creating havoc around the den site, and causing his dear mother plenty of worry since one of his favorite games ever seemed to be ‘hide and seek’.

As months went by and Remi and his siblings left their child bodies behind, the pale male’s feisty troublemaker spirit wasn’t outgrown. Despite not being the eldest, Remi soon ‘took over’ as the gang’s leader.

One time, during the Ostrega kids’ antics, Remi decided to show off in front of his siblings by putting himself in unnecesary danger. Impressed, his youngest sister, Rilke, tried to mimic Remi's performance but as she tried to get beside him he accidentally pushed one of her off the rock they were standing on and into the ocean.
The afternoon ended in tragedy despite Ciervo’s quick response – he pulled Rilke from the water, but she was gone. Rilke's death was devastation to the family and pack as a whole but took a special toll on Ciervo who had a certain favoritism for the young princess.

Even after concluding that the whole thing had been incidental, Ciervo and Remi’s relationship began to deteriorate severely since that moment.

The whole pack was outraged by the accident, and even if the other siblings had no bad blood for the occurrence, his mother struggled not to place a little blame on Remi, causing her to become ambivalent towards the boy, fluctuating between an overwhelming display of over protectiveness and a dettachment that was accompanied by a notable increase of her severity.

early adulthood
Fed up with the blame that was silently but constantly placed upon him, a month before becoming a yearling, Remi bid his siblings goodbye.

He did not inform either of his parents of his departure.
Pack History
Dhani Ostrega ♂ & Celia Elias ♀

aunts & uncles
Andalusia Muse ♀
Sumayl Chakra ♂
Chelia Esme ♀

nuclear family
Remi is the second born son to Ciervo Syn Ostrega ♂& Guadalupe Bijou Azren♀
He has many other siblings since his is not the first or last litter the couple will have, but his inmediate littermates are:
Tango Ostrega* ♂ which is the eldest, and the twins Dharma Ostrega* ♀ & Karma Ostrega* ♀
He had another sister, Rilke Ostrega ♀ , but she died in an incident** (see biography)

others he is cool with
Snowe ♀
Étoille ♂
Liffey Blackthorn ♀
Genie ♀
Raven Redhawk ♀

others he has beef with
Grayday ♂
Pema ♀

special others
Chusi ♀ - crush(?!)
Rannoch Frostfur ♂ - best friend

*all siblings up for adoption! pm me

due to his ostrega heritage remi has tons of relatives he doesn't even know about

[Image: GdpW7Ph.png]
HAVANA PIER (Puppy -Juvenile)

LONE WOLF (june)

Profile of Mouse: Additional Information
-the name 'mouse' was what Rilke called Remi because of the pale color of his fur and the sneaky mannerism he has

shortly after Rilke's death there was another incident, this time involving himself, that Remi strongly refuses to speak about - which despite later being discovered by his mother it was never spoken about again.

face & voice claim: matty healy -- when he's older someone else ;)
art credit - the amazing meebee

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