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Basic Info
Full Name: Damascus
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (June 19 2015)
Birthplace: Pearl Bay
At A Glance
A grizzled bear.
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Profile of Damascus: Details

Damascus has always been a physically capable individual. She stands at 35 inches to the shoulder and usually weighs around 100 pounds; the majority of her weight is trained muscle. Adding to that her dense and heavy coat (especially in the winter months) and she looks positively bear-like. Damascus was born with a dark (but warm toned) coat, however, it began to fade out early on in her development, leaving her with a pelt of mixed black, silver, cream, and murky rose grays.


Serious, prideful, and reckless. Damascus has always been exceptionally hard on herself as well as those she cares about, and takes great pride in her achievements. Although she is not boastful about her abilities, she does not like to turn down any challenges, and vehemently dislikes losing - especially when a task or an opponent appears to be an easy win. She can be hot-headed, antagonistic, or merely lacking in good judgement when she feels slighted, and has a hard time with the concept of forgiveness.

        STR: █████ (power) ────────── WARRIOR / GUARDIAN
        STM: ███ (agility) ────────── SCOUT / RANGER
        INT: ████ (longevity) ────────── HUNTER / TRACKER
        CHA: (speechcraft) ────────── SCOUT / AMBASSADOR
        LUX: ██████ (fortune)

Pack History
Panthalas ♀ x Evenstar
2015: Nenra, Szaroth, Arekkas, Raqqa.

Pearl Bay
Rain Shadow Retreat
Morningside Cuesta
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