Profile of Bobby: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Robin "Bobby/Bobbin” Drakru
Subspecies: Mixed Species
Sex: Male
Age: 0.75 (March 20, 2017)
Birthplace: Drageda
At A Glance
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Profile of Bobby: Details
His fur's a mixture of charcoal and muted copper, just like a robin. His eyes are a soft gold and his leggy build and over-sized paws indicate that he will grow into a large wolf. This has been coming true of late, as Bobby has hit somewhat of a growth spurt. His face in particular will be a throwback to his late grandfather and other DiSarinno forebears.
Bobby is a sweet child, very devoted to his family. He’s a flirt, a charmer with boyish looks, a bit arrogant, and a lot lazy. Bobby is extremely laid back, contrasting to the hard working ways of Drageda. He prefers to spend his time having fun and relaxing, than getting work done. Despite this, he is brave and would risk his life for his loved ones. He has a heart of gold, though sometimes it’s a little hard to see the glow.
Bobby was born the youngest of his litter, to Wildfire and Thuringwethil Drakru. He's had a pretty normal life so far, happily bumbling around with his siblings, the surviving ones anyways.

When Bobby was about 4 months old, his mom Wildfire went on a trip to Redhawk Caldera and didn’t come back for a while. When finally a Drageda went to find her, she wasn’t in RHC and instead they found her with the treacherous wolves of Blackfeather Woods. Bobby didn’t get to go but he does now have a serious grudge against them for hurting his mommy.

Wildfire had remain in RHC as she was too injured to return home that winter. He missed his mom terribly but still has the love and attention of two siblings and his Nomi.
Pack History
Robin was born on March 20th to Thuringwethil & Wildfire the donor for Wildfire being Dio. He has two living siblings, Artaax and Blixen, and two other siblings who died early on; Antler and Phoenix. He is the grandson of Peregrine & Fox.
DRAGEDA 3/20/17 - now (Goufa)
Profile of Bobby: Additional Information
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