Profile of Seabreeze: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: seabreeze
Subspecies: C. l. ligoni
Sex: Female
Age: 1+ (spring 2016)
Birthplace: Keening Sound
At A Glance
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she looks like the literal ocean

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Profile of Seabreeze: Details
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Seabreeze has long silky fur composed of a sandy blonde midtone and eyes the colour of the sky reflected on the sea. Sandy russet hues cascade down her back and tip her ears and tail, while her underside and legs are donned with white. Cream flecks her neck and withers.

She is svelte and sylphlike with an ectomorph body type and appears as if she could easily be broken. The yearling hovers somewhere between eighty and ninety pounds and stands a diminutive thirty-five inches; tiny and insignificant as a cough.

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She currently sports large gashes down her side and a persistent limp after being held captive outside the wilds.

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She is a spring breeze and a trickling brook blessed with the body of a wolf. The mild-mannered woman is more sure of herself now yet still finds things that make her feel good; basking in sunlight, wading in streams, and small yet intimate exchanges with those she holds dear. She has a soft spot for pups, pregnant women, and the elderly. The yearling may be found collecting river stones and shards of broken glass though it is unknown why she has a fondness for these specific objects.

" when they ask you why you love the rain, the ocean, the river, tell them that it is unlike the people who should have loved you better, water was never afraid to touch you; even when you were at your most damaged and broken. "
— nikita gill

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" The morning after I was washed ashore, salt in my ears, sand in my mouth and the waves always at my ankles, I felt as though everything had conspired to this one last shipwreck. I remembered nothing but water, stones in my belly and my shoes threatening to drag me under to where only the most listless of creatures swim. "

Born along with her two siblings to a single mother on a wicked, stormy night. Similar storms swept her from her coastal homelands, leaving a battered and brain-fogged "Seabreeze" half-drowned on craggy shores.

Unable to recall anything, the yearling was forced to trek haphazardly through unfamiliar territory and found herself in Teekon.

She made her home in Northstar Vale and later moved to Tindome once her love interest and future mate informed her of his intentions to leave.

Recent events led Brienne to seek her brother outside the Wilds and she was held captive. She has since returned to Tindome, albeit cold and distant.

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Pack History

        — unknown + Makanda Kersey

        — Keet Kersey , Mattias Bastion Kersey

        — The members of Tindómë are all considered close family. Brienne currently recognizes no family, blood or otherwise.

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Profile of Seabreeze: Additional Information
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