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Bracken Sanctuary

Basic Info
Full Name: Delight Singing-Sunlight
Subspecies: Eastern wolf/grey wolf &c
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (02.05.16)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
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Profile of Delight: Details
a wisp of a thing, delight is finely crafted with feminine features and an androgynous build. dark fur like chocolate cloaks him, accentuated by white-cream marks around his lips and eyes; paler colors trail his throat and chest. his eyes are sharp and pale like moons.
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-- reversed knight of cupsestjaquarius --

Is this really your fate,
to enter poetry and become transparent?

No ground under you, no feet or shoes,
no carpets, breadcrusts, calendars, no buttons,
pockets, hair, fur on the body, blood, unless
I put them there?

You’re no good to me as a rumour,
blank & timeless. The year
isn’t a clear circle or some
dream of a clock but one shadowy
moment after the next.
There’s no choice, I have to take you
with all the clutter,
the fears, justified
or not, the smoky furniture,
dubious flesh, fatigue, the nagging
of daily voices, your obscure heart
neither of us can see, which beats
softly under my hand,
flying in darkness. Let’s believe
you know your way.

-- 14, "small poems for the winter solstice", margaret atwood
a saturnine knight grown into the crown of leadership only slightly askew. delight loves with heart from afar, preferring disconnect to true intimacy, easily overwhelmed by his own expressions. offering comfort does not come easily to him -- he struggles to handle the sorrow or anger of others -- but he makes genuine efforts. he's still prone to fits of ennui, introspective and occasionally sullen. selfishness and genuity define him by turns. all in all, a bit of a weirdo trying his best.

[Image: T3NSUUN.png]

sharp tongued and sullen, the androgyne lacks in social graces and malice, leaving him somewhat absurd and prone to over-fluffing to protect his delicate ego. underneath the cracked china veneer the boy is ultimately good-hearted, but selfishness and angst curb his positive instinct, leaving a bitter aftertaste in his throat and a dark flush under his fur.
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✶ delight is genderqueer. any pronouns are fine.
Pack History
núro 8.21.17
vailë 10.16.17
nénar 11.12.17
morwinyon 12.20.17

chancellor 3.28.18

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