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Basic Info
Full Name: Delight Singing-Sunlight
Subspecies: Eastern wolf/grey wolf &c
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (02.05.16)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
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Profile of Delight: Details
a wisp of a thing, delight is finely crafted with feminine features and an androgynous build. dark fur like chocolate cloaks him, accentuated by white-cream marks around his lips and eyes; paler colors trail his throat and chest. his eyes are sharp and pale like moons.
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-- reversed knight of cupsestjaquarius --

sharp tongued and sullen, the androgyne lacks in social graces and malice, leaving him somewhat absurd and prone to over-fluffing to protect his delicate ego. underneath the cracked china veneer the boy is ultimately good-hearted, but selfishness and angst curb his positive instinct, leaving a bitter aftertaste in his throat and a dark flush under his fur.

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✶ delight is genderqueer. any pronouns are fine.
Pack History
núro 8.21.17
vailë 10.16.17
nénar 11.12.17
morwinyon 12.20.17
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hi, i'm e! i use they/them pronouns.

note: i write in third person limited + often evoke unreliable narration as a writing tool. what my character thinks/purports to know may not match reality exactly. if you're ever confused or unsure about a post ive made feel free to ask!