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Basic Info
Full Name: Clary
Subspecies: Multiple
Sex: Female
Age: 0.9 (August 24, 2017)
Birthplace: Easthollow
At A Glance

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Profile of Clary: Details
light grey coat color · hazelgreen eyes · average in size ·
light dots on her brow · white neck, chest and belly · black tip on tail.
- Born in Easthollow to Valette and Ezekiel, alongside her littermates, Ezra and Steph. Between her siblings, she is the youngest, with Steph being firstborn and Ezra, the second.
- Raised by Valette and Valette's sister, Nanook. Ezekiel was not present for much of her childhood, and eventually left the pack completely for reasons unexplained.
- Began taking an interest in recruitment and outriding at an early age.
- Left Easthollow on a month-long trip to venture North with her aunt Nanook. Returned with a heightened passion for exploring the world, but feels torn between every unknown she desires to see, and the home where she thinks she is needed more.

Art by Quarding
Pack History
Born to Valette and Ezekiel in the later days of August, alongside her brother, Ezra, and her sister, Steph.

On May 21, gained ___ younger siblings from the partnering of Valette and Stark.
Profile of Clary: Additional Information
- Giggly - Talkative - Adventurous - Family-oriented - Rambunctious - Naive -
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