Profile of Wardruna: Quick Facts
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Mate to Sif & Poet
Basic Info
Full Name: Wardruna
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (December 25, 2015)
Birthplace: Jötunn Spine
At A Glance
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Profile of Wardruna: Details
tall, mesomorph build
an agouti pattern made up of slate, black, and white
pumpkin orange eyes; suffers from permanent hyphema in his left eye and is blind in it accordingly
small scar around his left eye: the initial injury to cause his hyphema & blindness
voice & accent — alex høgh as ivar (*vikings s5 spoilers)
marking & scar reference sheet


i’m not a creature that was born. i am a fire that was set.
moss angel the undying via tumblr

devout — wardruna is incredibly devout to the pantheon of his gods. beyond that he is devout to self-resilience.
— wealth, abundance, foresight
— hail, wrath of nature, uncontrolled forces
— self-reliance, endurance, survival
— thorn, reactive force, defense, conflict
— the self, enemies, social order
— torch, fire
speaks icelandic (referred to in-game as: "northern") & common tongue albeit not entirely fluently
Wardruna is inspired by the viking culture (specifically the raiders/berserkers) & follows the old Nordic (asatro) religion though these are referred to in-game simply as “northern culture/religion”, et cetera.

runes are used in lieu of paragraphed personality to give a subjective & vague oversight into his personality which will develop organically via in-game interactions/events.
Pack History
PARENTS: Dragur x Asta
WIVES: Sif , Poet

hover for details. see the family tree for the full, exhaustive list of relations
cub → fledgling → valiant → berserker → commander

Profile of Wardruna: Additional Information
WARDRUNAguardian of runes/guardian of secrets · name of a norwegian band
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